New Year's Reflection Ups And Downs Then Victory

As I reflect on this year the lows and the highs I find myself feeling thankful and grateful for coming through a rough 18 months. During that time I experienced health challenges, job losses, disappointments, and lost several family members. If my life were a photo you'd see the scars left by the battlefield of life. Yet my will to succeed, continue and be victorious is strong. Nothing will get me down, nothing will stop my flow. I am victorious, I'm a winner, I got this!

On New Year's Eve I always take a moment to thank God for keeping me, for blessing me through my storms. In February of this year I was blessed with a job after being off work for 6 months.  That job didn't pay very much but it paid more than the unemployment check I was receiving and for that I was thankful. While at that low paying job I learned sales skills that have sharpened my presentation so that I can close more business. Lesson learned: sometimes you have to start at the beginning in order to excel. 

At the same time of beginning that new job, I received an eviction notice. I knew it was coming, I just thought I would have more time to catch up with my rent. That didn't happen. Time ran out and I had 3 weeks to find a place to live. Being new on the job I had to somehow leave my personal unraveling outside while I went to work to learn how to be a better salesperson. Those days were so trying and the nights were so unsteady. Each day I came home I feared the inevitable, an eviction notice taped to my door. Eventually that day came and the process server left that dreadful piece of paper on my door. When I saw the notice I already knew what it was. In a way I was relieved. Finally I knew my destiny, as if in the darkness of my mind I didn't already know it. Upon reading it I discovered my court date was 8 days away, not enough time to take off work from a job I had just started 2 weeks ago. My stress level was at an all time high, but I had to decide not to let my situation be my death sentence. I had to continue going and not give up. But it was hard there is no doubt about it.

On top of that I was catching the bus then the train to work. It would be dark when I left for work and dark when I came home. I'm sure God sent angels to protect me. When I started making a little money I would Uber to the train station and my work angel would bring me home at night. Those were blessings I will never forget. 

That entire situation taught me to appreciate the little things and to keep my faith. It is so easy to give up but harder to keep going. I believed things would get better. Never did I decide to throw my hands up in defeat. Deep down I felt this situation, these bad things would be a memory one day and that I would be victorious once again. 

That's what this entire post is about, victory. It's about not allowing my circumstance to define my future. It's about perseverance. It's about believing something I can not see but knowing it will get better as long as I keep going. To me this situation is similar to being lost in the woods; you can remain lost or you can try to get out. The choice is yours. 

I hope someone reads this and gains strength to keep going. Don't quit. God has your back but he can't help you if you quit. 

Stay blessed.

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