Saturday, August 6, 2011


  1.        Fill it with multimedia content of current events.  Only if you're Anderson Cooper from CNN!  Nevertheless, videos, photos will always grab the attention of your fans.  Give the people what they want!!
    2.       Leverage your brand.  Don't just duplicate your website; But dig out photos or videos of past events and share them with your audience.  People enjoy humor, and human interest stories.  Treat your fans to engaging, entertaining content daily.
    3.       Give them freebies, tell them about promotions, do anything to get more fans!  They love giveaways anyway, so give your fans what they want. Get together with a company that provides promotional items like coffee mugs, ink pens, t-shirts, anything you can think of and give them to your fans.  They'll love you for it!
    4.       Change it up!  Keep it fresh!  New content everyday will get you the most new fans.  If not every day, every other day.  Just dedicate two hours a day to keep your Facebook marketing up to date.  Fans will leave you in a hurry if you don't.
    5.       There is a hidden feature in the new Facebook Fan Page design: Featured People.  Located in the upper left hand corner of your page directly beneath your profile picture, you can add a Facebook Group here or create one or more lists to display here.  A great way to give 'shout-outs' to people you are connected to.
    6.       Create a crazy contest!  I just ordered a bunch of gift certificates to give away for an upcoming contest I'm sponsoring.  I'm just working on a crazy, cool contest to base it on.  Think about Easter, St. Patrick's Day, or even your birthday.  Have fun with it and your Fans will too!
    7.       Ask your fans what they want to see or read about.  Just post a question, asking, what is your favorite thing about this page?  They will tell you.  Be prepared for the responses though!
    8.       Don't forget the human dynamics in all this.  Remember there is someone sitting on the other side of that computer, they are real, so treat them like it.  Facebook is another marketing tool, but one that allows interactivity and real time engagement.
    9.       Learn from others.  Watch what the successful people are doing and mimic their behavior.  Facebook is a beast just like other social media marketing efforts, manage it or it will manage you (and you might not like the results!)
    10.   Court your fans like a man you want to get with (or a lady for the fellas!)  Recognize that there is a cycle to the relationship you are embarking on, and take it slow and go with the flow.  Don't rush it or they will run away.

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