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Monday, October 16, 2017

Why Do We Hate Each Other So?

I never thought I’d see a time again when our country was so divided. This division we are seeing is reminiscent of the 60s when racism was out loud, dogs were sic’d on black people, and a whole lot of other things. For me I don’t know who is against me or who is for me when it comes to other races. I want to believe that most people are inherently good, but assuming can get me in an uncomfortable situation or worse. This shouldn’t be happening in 2017! The way we treat each other nowadays reminds me of the Civil Rights Era. Black people not knowing if white people are ‘friendly’s’ or the enemy; white people feeling the same way. Racism is so ugly; it divides, splits, and divides again creating an atmosphere of fear, and mistrust.

            All the protesting and acidic verbiage about black people, about white people, reminds me of when I was five years old. One day I was sitting on our back porch in Delray. Delray is a small community located in Southwest Detroit. Delray had the feel of a small town where everyone knew your family and family sometimes lived as close as a walk to the corner. During the 60s in Delray there were blacks and whites. For the most part I didn’t see white people come visit us except my Uncle Richie’s high school friend. They were so close they even took a picture together. Now I don’t know how his parents felt about Uncle Richie, but Jimmy was lovingly accepted in our home. I can’t recall having any white friends, and it wasn’t an issue with me either. Going to school with blacks and whites, they were just other kids to play with on the playground.

            I remember one day while sitting on our back porch playing with my dolls, I could hear our neighbor calling her dogs to eat. This neighbor seemed like a mean lady to a child’s eyes. She never spoke to my mom or my grandparents. There were times when I heard my family members talk about her. They would say she didn’t like black people and one of the reason she had mean dogs was so she could sic those dogs on any black person who came on her property. The name my grandparents called our neighbor was Butchee. I never saw her up close, Butchee had a gray privacy fence I thought kept those vicious sounding dogs contained. Part of that was true, but the real truth was Butchee didn’t like Black people. Butchee was racist.

            That word ‘racist’ was too adult for my 5 year old mind. All I understood at the time was that Butchee was mean and her dogs were always growling or barking whenever we were in our own backyard. 

            One day Butchee was preparing to feed her dogs. She fed them raw meat. I was on the back porch playing with my dolls and heard a loud scream. It sounded like it came from next door, in Butchee’s yard. After that scream I would hear several more and what sounded like angry dogs attacking someone. I ran to the privacy fence and looked in between the slats, I saw her two bull dogs biting Butchee. One dog was biting her leg, the other had his teeth in her side. With so much fear in my soul, I ran to my grandmother speaking frantically while trying to pull my grandmother to the back porch.  My granny ran back into the house and called the police (9-1-1 wasn’t created yet!) By the time the police and ambulance arrived, I had been told to go inside the house and stay. My granny and other family members thought they were protecting me from witnessing such a tragedy. They had no idea I had peeped through the fence and saw the dogs jostling for a piece of Butchee. That visual has remained in my memory for 51 years. I can’t un-see what I saw that cloudy day.

            I don’t know why Butchee didn’t like black people, we weren’t bad people. We kept our home up, didn’t break laws, worked everyday, we did what adults were supposed to do. But something inside of Butchee wouldn’t allow her to like us. I wish I could understand why people hate the things that make us different. Me being black and you being white, Cubano, Latino, etc., what’s the difference? It’s like having different spices in the gumbo. Those spices give the gumbo its flavor, its nuance. For those that don’t like black people and other minorities, you need to understand something, we’re not going anywhere and you’d better learn to live with us. Otherwise your hatred might cause some physical malady. Negative stress is bad for you, so just drop the drama and let’s move on. Taking this country back 50-100 years isn’t beneficial to anyone. There are more important things to focus on. Have you noticed ISIS or any of the other terrorist groups aren’t trying to destroy us? No, they’re watching us destroy ourselves.


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Level Rewards: Scam or The Real Deal?

I know a little about internet marketing or network marketing. You find a company you think you can promote and then you go for it. Kind of. Learn about a company before you jump both feet into the pool. Level Rewards is a good company. Many people I know personally get paid daily $100s to promote on Facebook. Sharing a link. I haven't made any money from it yet, I'm just getting started. I have 31 people under me as of September 3rd. We'll see. Let me show you how to make money from Level Rewards.

The way it works is this: 1st post 5 times a day on your personal Facebook page. Find some motivational quotes and post these. Use hashtags like #makemoneyonFacebook, this will get other eyes looking at your post long after you post it. Hashtags give a post life. Add your Level Rewards link to the end of the post so when it is shared others can sign up.

Next, screenshot it and post it congratulating people when they sign up for Level Rewards. Blow this up! Share it everywhere you can. It makes your new referrals feel special like they belong to something amazing. Always use positive words describing them. It helps you and teaches them how they should create their marketing messages for the teams they are building. Remember it's all about duplication. If you can't duplicate your success you won't have any success.

Show people how they can make money. Share with your new recruits screenshots of what you have made if anything. Don't lie about what you've made this can surely backfire on you. Be honest, tell your new recruits you're new and building your business. But when you start making money use that as a celebration platform. Until then work your business and don't get frustrated when the money isn't flowing in. Don't give up. This is a business not a hobby. Remember winners never quit and quitters never Level Up

Level Rewards is a referral program that pays you commissions daily for promoting our business and getting people to sign up to free trials.

You can join Level Rewards by clicking here--->

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Proximity Marketing: Every MCA Marketer Should Have One!

If you're marketing MCA this is going to blow your mind! Proximity Marketing is automatically broadcasting a marketing message to anyone with a smartphone that has their Bluetooth and/or Nearby turned on their phones. This is massive and for anyone having problems promoting MCA or any other network marketing business, you can spend a couple of hours a day at events, restaurants, anywhere there is a large group of people, and watch the sales come in! Proximity Marketing is going to level the playing field. 

I believe you're going to enjoy Proximity Marketing. Especially MCA reps, I would just go to the closest auto repair or auto sound system store and camp out there for about an hour. Those places will be a captive audience for your Unlimited Roadside Assistance benefit. 

Proximity marketing is a cutting edge form of promotion using beacons to broadcast your marketing message to anyone within 100 yards of you via Bluetooth and Nearby technology. In 2016 Google introduced this to all of us.  

"The Play Store offers over one million apps - many of which are created to be used in specific locations or situations. The right app at the right moment lets you get more done. For example, at a store, you may want a barcode scanner to check prices and reviews for an item. Or when you're at a museum, an audio tour would enhance the experience as you make your way around the exhibits.

But, getting the right apps at the right time can be tough if you don’t already know about them. So, we're introducing a new Android feature called Nearby, which notifies you of of things that can be helpful near you."

So when I want to send out a broadcast (which is all the time, daily) I keep my beacon in my purse or pocket and go to a concert, the mall, a baseball game, etc. and let this tiny device do all the work.

Use your beacon when you're at Red Lobster on a Sunday afternoon when they're really crowded and let your device work for you. When you set up your message you will need to make it short and sweet, 40 characters at the most. Then use or as a URL Shortener. This way you can keep track of your traffic and know where you're getting the most penetration as well as the time of day that works best.  I've been using mine for about a week and have had 110 clicks to my link. No sales yet, but those many clicks have generated 21 leads. Leads are good right? That's what people pay hundreds for. I only paid $80 for my beacon which includes a $25 a month service charge.  There is no reason for anyone not to make money in network marketing. This proximity marketing beacon proves it!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cooking and Eating Healthy to Lose Weight [VIDEO]

It's easier to gain weight than it is to lose it! I know I've been battling this monster for quite a few years. I've tried different products and some worked but at the end of the day, I got tired of using them or couldn't afford them any longer. It wasn't until I got really sick and had to be hospitalized a couple of months ago that served as my wake up call.

I needed to do something about what I was eating and to incorporate some exercise into my life. I had become a cube rat and worked 10 hours a day or more and eating snacks and meals that I should never had tried. Since my hospitalization I've lost 15 pounds, lost several inches, and I go to exercise class 3 days a week. I eat differently now too. Here is one of my meals I prepared recently for my dinner and lunch at work the next day. It's called Orange Ginger Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry with Brown Rice. It was good, I have to admit. Leave a comment let's talk about your recipes or workout routines you do. I'd love to see them!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What They Don't Tell You About MCA

Here’s what they don’t tell you when you sign up for MCA. You need a domain name so you can cloak (hide) your affiliate link. Think of something that will get attention but is short and direct to the point. I recommend Blue Host if you’ve never done this before. Get a domain name here:  Blue Host Domain Name.

Next you need a system. Something that has a video sales landing page that will collect your leads for you. This system should also be able to send marketing messages to those leads that don’t buy immediately. Don’t discard them, they are still good leads. They just aren’t ready to buy yet. But they will buy, but not right now. Team Good Life is that system! 

Now if you really want to step up your system for future business marketing get an email marketing client like Aweber. You’ll be able to load multiple marketing messages and send them out on a schedule you set. If you want to send out a marketing message at any time of the day in the future you can also do that. This is called an auto responder that will automatically send out marketing messages to reel your prospects in.  The people who are making money online and lots of it, have a system in place. A system that markets to prospects on a continuous basis. Join Aweber Click here. 

You thought MCA was a scam didn’t you? Well for every last person that says they didn’t make any money with MCA or that it is a scam, it’s because they don’t know how to market online. The people who are making money with any work from home opportunity understand that you have to approach MCA seriously because it is the real deal! MCA has been around for over 100 years and believe me, any company that has been in business that long is legitimate. In addition MCA is accredited by the Better Business Bureau on a national level. Go check it out for yourself. BBB Accreditation Profile for MCA.

In addition, if you do not want to make money from MCA, then you can use the benefits. Unlimited Roadside Assistance, 100 Mile Towing for RV's, Motorcycles, and Trailers, Ticket Representation, Legal Benefits, Travel Assistance Home and Abroad, Discounts on Prescriptions, Vision, Dental and more! You also get to choose the level of benefits you want from $9.95 a month to $19.95 a month. That's it, you're covered. MCA does not allow the use of prepaid debit cards so make sure you're using a bank credit or debit card or else they will deny you coverage.  They will deny any sales you make if the prospect uses a prepaid debit or credit card as well. MCA does this to cut down on fraud. Once you sign up for MCA whether to be an agent or just a customer, MCA will call you within 24 hours on the phone number you used when you signed up so make sure you answer your phone for any call coming from Oklahoma, because if you don't answer it, they will decline coverage and/or the opportunity to become an agent. MCA is not a scam! They do this to protect their BBB rating as well as to be recognized as a company that operates with the highest of integrity.

If you’re serious about making money with MCA then you’ve got to act like it. Invest the $40 for MCA, the $47 for the MCA Authority System, one year domain and web hosting from Blue Host $72 and $19 a month for your email marketing from Aweber. But again, this system is only for you if you are thinking of replacing your income. There are plenty of successful people running MCA and they are not unicorns, they are real. I’m letting you know about this because I get tired of the haters telling people MCA is a scam. Those people are angry because they couldn’t get it to work. Stay away from the haters, focus on building your business, accept that it’s going to take longer than one day to make money. But know if you continue to do right things the right way, you will make money with this opportunity. 

If you want to sign up under me in MCA here is my link CLICK HERE and then follow the instructions in this blog post.

Monday, May 29, 2017

When God Comes Through For You

You know how some people say it's hard to wait on God to change their situation so they go ahead and help God?

Well I stopped doing that. I stopped being impatient. It was actually a New Year's Resolution for me, to make myself grow comfortable waiting on the Lord.

So, my job was changing. Changing into something I no longer felt comfortable being a part of. I had a talk with Jesus a few months ago, a tearful, heart to heart talk with Him. I told the Lord how I felt, and asked Him was I supposed to leave yet. Now I have learned that God doesn't always answer you right away, and He didn't answer me right away. So that meant, don't quit your job yet! LOL. Fast forward a couple of months after that prayer, and I began worrying, and stressing about my job. I was worried I would be the next one fired because that was happening weekly. I worried so much I got sick and was hospitalized. (Prior to being hospitalized my daughter and son-in-law had talked to me saying "mama you are worrying too much about that job. Just trust God.")

We all know that once you start worrying about something, it's difficult to let it go. But once I was hospitalized, laying in that bed, getting morphine injections every 2 hours for pain, I realized I was living like a foolish person. I know the Lord, why wasn't I trusting Him with my life? When I came home from the hospital I stopped focusing on my job and my daily outcomes. I felt free. Then a couple of weeks after being released from the hospital. I received a call from an employer I had interviewed with. The real is that I interviewed the first time for this position was in 2016, they offered me the position at that time, but I had already started working for the job I'm leaving now. Unfortunately, I had to turn them down. At that time the hiring manager asked me, "are you sure you don't want to come work for us?" We laughed it off and said if it doesn't work out for me, I will surely give you a call. That was in 2016.

The day before I went into the hospital I re-interviewed for the position that I turned down a year ago. Now here is where God comes in. We all know or should know that God goes before us IF you allow Him to lead you. I believe I was going to get fired in April, however I was hospitalized for 3 days, and when I came back to work the following week after being released from the hospital, I had a low blood sugar and began vomiting all over the place. My supervisor was terrified! She drove me straight to the Emergency Room. I wasn't admitted that time, however I went to see the Endocrinologist the next day, who decreased my dosage. (That still didn't help, but that's for another day.) I was off work for 9 days after that episode, leading up to a new month. Anyone in sales knows that it is a month to month sales quota attainment. What you accomplish in April is paid out in May. Well, I didn't meet any of my sales metrics in April and therefore did not bonus for that month. I'm not used to that. I always win!

However, God came into the picture. I had not heard back from the job I interviewed for in April right before my hospitalization. Then one day while at work I received an email from the company I interviewed with. They wanted to know if I would accept an offer of employment with them. I wanted to run up and down the aisle at work and shout old fashioned like those old saints do! But I held it in, and made 6 sales that day for my soon to be old job. LOL. It's amazing what you can do when you are no longer under pressure. I didn't tell anyone yet. Because I still needed to call this new employer. My point is, when you wait on Jesus, He is always on time! Never think he doesn't hear your prayers, He does. He's just working those prayers out to perfection so that you and everyone you share your story with will know that it was nobody but the Lord that brought you through! If you don't know how to wait on the Lord just try one day at a time until it becomes 2nd nature.

I love the Lord, He heard my cry. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

HELP! I want to have an active sex life, but my BODY won't cooperate!

HELP! I want to have an active sex life,
but my BODY won't cooperate!

Do you find yourself in the mood for sex... and then discover that your body isn't cooperating?
Do you have difficulty getting "wet" enough for sex?
Do you sometimes "dry up" part way through intercourse?
If any of these situations has happened to you, then you are experiencing vaginal dryness.

The #1 Libido Killer: Vaginal Dryness

It can be difficult and downright discouraging to have the problem of vaginal dryness plaguing your sex life. It can be embarrassing. It can make you feel inadequate. It can make your partner feel inadequate.
It can even be painful.
And it doesn't get talked about a lot. Yet vaginal dryness is a problem that most women will face at some point in their lifetime.
Many women are frustrated that their bodies just don't seem to produce enough natural lubrication to allow intercourse to happen comfortably.
Others are angry when their natural lubrication just... disappears halfway through a sexual encounter.
Lubrication is an extremely important element in a healthy sex life since it has a direct impact on both sensation AND desire. The earlier you become lubricated during an intimate encounter, the faster you begin to experience intense sexual sensations and feel desire for your partner.
...And the increase in sensation produces more lubrication, which in turn increases sexual sensation again. Lubrication is not only a biological necessity that allows sexual intercourse to "work"; it is also the key to a satisfying sex life.

Put Yourself First — For Once

Too often, women get caught up in the demands of their hectic lives. Taking care of your kids, your career, your household, your husband... it all comes before taking care of YOU.
And what often suffers most is your sex life.

The real problem here is that not enough women DO something about it.
By accepting vaginal dryness as the physical reality of a stressed-out woman who is past her sexual peak, you are depriving yourself of the fulfilling sex life you deserve.
The good news is that there are products available on the market today that can have a very big impact on the problem of vaginal dryness, bringing you back to the days when passion and sexual excitement were a normal part of your daily life.
(If you never really had those days, you could be in for a fabulous surprise!)
All-natural, doctor endorsed products like Provestra work to increase circulation and blood flow to the vagina. With greater sensitivity, you will experience heightened pleasure and self-lubrication will become naturally easy.
Provestra works to combat vaginal dryness, increasing your desire and making sexual pleasure easily attainable once more. It can even help you achieve more powerful orgasms on a regular basis!
Every woman deserves to have an active, fulfilling sex life. If you're struggling with vaginal dryness, don't suffer silently any longer. Check out your options at

Why Do We Hate Each Other So?

I never thought I’d see a time again when our country was so divided. This division we are seeing is reminiscent of ...