Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mobile Marketing Tips You Can Use

The other day we talked about getting into mobile marketing the right way.  Mobile Marketing, QR Codes, etc. are going to revolutionize your marketing.  If you don't know that you should.  Right now you should be researching mobile marketing to make sure you do it right the first time, so you don't have to do it over a second time.

Some other ways to use mobile marketing is to make use of those wonderful QR Codes.  Whenever I see them, I find myself being curious so I just scan it to see what's under them!  As a marketer, you should satisfy your customers' curiosity by offering coupons (the most popular reason consumers scan a QR Code), contests, conduct surveys.  Anything that will engage your customer. 

Another tip is to use a "text to win" contest under your QR Code.  These mobile contests are very popular and quickly becoming the number one tool in mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is great and as I stated before should not be used as a tool for spam.  Doing that is the quickest way to get people to hate you and cause you to lose credibility.  Your reputation will be ruined, and your business will suffer.  As always, develop a relationship with your customers, offer value and benefits to your messages and they will share them with all their friends and family.  (there are a couple of tools in this post such as "Mobile Marketing for Dummies"  & the QR Code Barcode FAQ & Tutorial that will shed some insight into this hot new marketing tool. You should check them out if you're serious about grasping a complete understanding of mobile marketing.)