Saturday, October 22, 2011

Facebook Changes Are Not Always Bad

People really love to share photos!  It's actually easier to get people to share a picture than it is to share content on Facebook.  Maybe sharing photos has something to do with our basic human nature.  That is, our eyes like to look at pretty things that are interesting.

I've been sharing lots of photos since joining Facebook over 3 years ago, and have noticed my pictures get shared 90% quicker and more frequently than my content.  Now if I add some interesting content with my photos, then it is a guarantee people will continue to share it.  Just this week, I've been sharing lots of photos with interesting quotes pertaining to God, relationships and motivational stuff.  My shares have increased 200%.  My Facebook friends have been even asking me permission to tag their friends using my photos with the interesting quotes. (SEE BELOW)

People like to share things that are beneficial to them.

If you're using Facebook as a marketing tool, don't complain about the changes, instead, use the changes to your advantage.

What do you think?  Leave me a comment and let's discuss it.