Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How Much Do Marketing Managers Make?

Want to know what marketing managers make? I do. I'm studying for my MBA-Marketing and I've been doing quite a few things to prepare for my debut in the market. Outside of gaining my MBA in Marketing, I'm also working on becoming Google Adwords Certified. Being able to stand on my own in both disciplines, marketing and social media marketing will give me an advantage in the marketplace. This cool infographic gives a career and salary breakdown for marketing professionals. It also includes information that will impact any potential salary across categories. The marketing field is predicted to grow through 2018, so it's a hot career to get into. Take a look at the various opportunities, and maybe you might consider reinventing yourself and branching out into the world of marketing!

The Marketing Market: Career and Salary Breakdown for Marketing Professionals Infographic by Marketo