Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Protect Your Credit From Thieves

You know these are trying times.  With so many people unemployed, the economy is up and down, and some people who have given up hope have become desperate individuals.  It's no wonder most of my friends don't feel safe anymore.  One of my relatives had to go through a horrible ordeal to get her credit restored when she had her identity stolen on one of those social networks.  It was a very expensive process, and she had to spend so much time contacting creditors, making copies of letters, getting a police report, etc.  It just seemed like she spent so much time backtracking her life, so that thieves couldn't continue to rack up huge bills in her name while destroying her good credit.  I never want to have that happen to me.

That's when I started looking into different ways to protect myself online and while shopping.  Thieves are so smart now, that they can even steal your credit card information while you are out shopping!  Just last week my local news show ran a story on a laptop like device cyber-thieves now carry around that can steal hundreds of credit card data in seconds just while sitting in a parking lot not far from any major shopping area.  Believe me, it seemed that protecting yourself and your family was a lot easier 10 years ago!

Before all this identity theft and credit card theft started happening, I didn't feel it was necessary to monitor my credit reports.   Now, I'm afraid not to.  I don't want to go through what my cousin went through, her life became a nightmare after someone stole just a little of her personal information.  So, I did some research to find a company that would monitor my credit scores, as well as would alert me to any strange activity and significant changes to my credit score.  I was looking for a service that would give me peace of mind while keeping me informed of any strange behavior with my credit score.

Whats Your Credit Score?

I chose to protect my credit information with a service that will give me free credit scores from the three major credit reporting bureaus.   It was easy to get and the company was very helpful explaining how it all works.   It only takes a cyber criminal with a little bit of knowledge, some inexpensive computer equipment minutes to ruin your credit.  It's difficult to imagine having someone destroy your good credit;  something that you have worked hard to establish.  I refuse to have someone take my good credit rating away from me, it took me too long to get to where I am just to have someone who has very little respect and morals steal it from me.

If you're reading this and know someone who could use this credit reporting service, here is the company I use.  You never know, a friend, family member or even you could become a victim of credit identity theft.  I believe it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  Here is the website: