Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Part 2: The Landing Page System

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Today we will talk about the Landing Page System. In the beginning I didn't think having a Landing Page was a good idea. That is until I began talking to some of my friends over at the Warrior Forum (WSO) See, what most people miss out on is the ability to capture leads. When setting up a PPC campaign, you want to make money of course, but you want that long money. That is money that comes from repeat visitors and customers who are not quite ready to buy. The customers who aren't ready to buy need convincing, stroking and more information about you and your product. A Landing Page with a free offer is the perfect way to do this. Here is part 2 on setting up a successful landing page system that captures leads and converts sales.

The Landing Page System

The landing page system provides a uniquely powerful system through which you can derive profit from multiple streams. This article will briefly discusses some of those different streams – and how you can manipulate them.

Let's start with the landing page itself: all traffic is sent to the landing page. From there, it will have a number of options, depending on what you have given them. Many marketers suggest that your landing page should always be an opt-in form. Others will suggest that it should simply be a salespage.

Whether it's a free newsletter or a product for sale, the landing page system you create should include a “one time offer,” which will compel them to take action – subscribe, buy, etc.

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Once they subscribe or buy, the landing page system you create should then re-route them to a thank you page, which opens up more means through which you can upsell. One quick way to upsell is to simply include advertisements on your thank you page for related affiliate products or for your own products. Here, again, you will want to give them a one-time offer.

Also, if you haven't yet asked them to join your mailing list, this is where you should do it – on your thank you page. Once they opt-in to your list, you now have a whole new options you can use in conjunction with the landing page system to generate revenue.

One such option is selling ad space in your newsletter or ezine. The more people you have reading your newsletter, the more you can generally charge for adspace; however, you will want to avoid overselling to your list to ensure your advertisers actually make money.

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Your next option is to endorse a product as an affiliate. You can tell your subscribers how someone has just created a brilliant product – and you can offer it to your subscribers through an affiliate link. You may even want to use other products you have has bonuses to give them something extra.

The last and most profitable way in which you can generate revenue through your newsletter is by creating and selling your own products to them.

It  is important to note that you don't have to use all of these means to generate revenue; however, the more you use, the more you earn in general.

Tomorrow: Part 3 of the Landing Page Series, "What You Need Before Getting Started."