Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 Tips & Trends To Promote Your Social Business

Here are Four Benefits of Increasing your Twitter Followers:

1) The Twitter Followers Count is the New Better Business Bureau Stamp of Approval

If you have a website, then having a Twitter follower count in the thousands can dramatically increase the conversion rate. By placing your Twitter follower count in a highly visible area of your site, it gives visitors a perceived sense of trust and leads to more conversions.

2) The Higher Your Followers Count, The More People Will Follow You

On Twitter, people will judge whether or not to follow you simply based upon how many followers you currently have. Having 1000s or 10000s of followers will have an incremental effect on how many people choose to follow you.

As your numbers increase, you will also start ranking on the hundreds of Twitter related websites. Many targeted categories on these sites only require 10k-20k followers to get the #1 ranking.

3) Increased Traffic to your Websites from The Most Engaged Internet Users

Traffic from Twitter can easily get into the thousands and tens of thousands each month with a good tweet schedule. The traffic that comes from Twitter is very unique because Twitter users are up to 3-5 times more engaged than the average internet user. Take a look below at how Twitter users compare on the key metrics of engagement.

4) Having the Ability to Direct Message Followers

In addition to receiving your tweets, you are able to send a direct message to anyone who follows you. This allows you to send messages to each of your followers promoting your business or website. Below you can see how a direct message shows up on a followers profile.

Check out the following slide to find out the 10 most important trends for Facebook, Twitter and Social Media in 2012.

These ten social media trends for 2012 will change your strategy for Facebook, Twitter, and social media marketing. By staying one step ahead of the 2012 social media trends, your business will be ahead of the marketing curve.

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"73% of marketers will be increasing their activities on Twitter in 2011-2012" (Social Media Examiner"