Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Do You Prevent Social Leakage?

(or what to do when social pollination gets out of control!)

One of the reasons marketers are apprehensive about using social media is loss of control once their information is shared across social networks. Don’t get me wrong, viral, out of control social sharing is the goal, marketers want that. However, the challenge arises when ‘Social Leakage’ happens.

‘Social Leakage’ is important because marketers rely on outside social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter & others to get their messages out to the masses. This sharing or social pollination is a good thing. Yet, once that marketer sends an email newsletter to their subscribers, and those subscribers share that information with their friends and followers, ‘Social Leakage’ marketers lose control of how and where that information is shared. It’s important to know who your audience is when you are creating content for your subscribers. With your subscriber base, you know who your audience is and what they like, and more importantly, where they are in the buying cycle. But, when your content is shared and forwarded (in the case of email marketing), it becomes easier to lose control of the knowledge of user social behavior.

This loss of control drives a fear within marketers when it comes to merging email and social marketing tactics.

Recently, The Relevancy Group (@relevancygroup) conducted an Executive Survey asking, “which social marketing initiatives have you currently deployed, plan to deploy or do not plan to deploy?” 35% reported they target email subscribers based on social influence. While 44% used Twitter for marketing and customer service. Another 52% shared email to social networks.

Your Email Is About to Get More Social!

This data speaks to a need to invest in tools that are connected to email marketing platforms that make social marketing integration easy to manage and thus more effective. Vertical Response, Aweber and Constant Contact offer such social tools that allow measurement of the effectiveness of marketing messages. Understanding social media data and its effect on ROI is a major concern for marketers. Utilizing a social-email tool can improve understanding of the social engagement marketers implement. Just as important, utilization of an email social tool manages ‘Social Leakage’ so you, the marketer is able to identify who reads your messages, where they obtained your message, and the social sharing avenue your message travelled.

If your social media marketing messages are spinning wildly out of control and you have no idea of how to capture the data to measure ROI, then check out these recommended email social tools.

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Compare the three and then let me know if this helps you measure your social media marketing campaigns more effectively.

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