Friday, January 6, 2012

Part 10: Landing Page Mastery - Finest Examples of Landing Pages

Is Pinterest Doomed to Fail?

When you are constructing a landing page, it is always a good idea to refer to a number of other successful landing pages for ideas. The following are three examples of landing pages that convert well: Clip'n Print Coupons

What works well with this page? The first thing to note the products, your eyes instantly find the products you recognize and know. Like Coke, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and even the yellow Cheerios box. You realize that you want to save money on these items because you need them and buy them when grocery shopping. But take a look at the call to action, it says, "Start Saving Now." Why wait, this page says, provide your email address and your zip code and you could be on your way to saving now.

Another good point about this landing page are the privacy rights and the unsubscribe information at the foot of the page. This, again, boosts trust and increases conversion rates. Another important and notable part of this landing page's success are the brand names represented, which also increase trust.

Best of 2011 - Viral Video Ads

Let's check out another successful landing page: 30 Second Smile

The page creators knew that this was a product that could not be sold with a simple call to action. Instead, they provide the visitor with information helpful in making a decision. Note the calm, easy colors. Light blue relaxes the mind, so when you visit this page you don't feel a hard sell, instead you can actually learn something about the product to help the customer make a decision to buy. The testimony is also powerful, note the use of major news outlets confirming the product legitimacy in the upper right hand corner of the page. When you are promoting a product that is new to the market, your landing page must be informative, inviting, and most of all have a call to action. Your page should lead up to getting the money.

And there you have it: being successful with landing pages really is a repetitive process. If you follow the tips outlined and use good examples, you should have no problem constantly increasing your conversion rates.