Friday, January 13, 2012

You Will Fail in Business, Bet On It

Today I want to share an inspirational post with you. Have you ever considered that your income is directly related to your input? If you haven't made this connection, then try going to a job without doing the job you were hired to do. Soon your supervisor will be in your space asking if there is a problem, or it could be worse than that. All I'm saying, is if you don't put in the work, you won't get the expected output from your labor.

That concept goes for everything in life; if you do nothing, you will surely get nothing. 
Over the years I have promoted products online and have recruited some who took the business and prospered phenomenally.  Then there were others who were on fire for the opportunity in the beginning, but then they just quit. No explanation, they literally vanished. I suspect frustration crept in and conquered them instead of the other way around. 

Consider this: most entrepreneurs will fail hundreds of times before becoming successful. There is no avoiding failure. Failure simply means there is a process or action that didn't belong with everything else you had done up until that point.  You just have to figure out what went wrong. However, the ego gets bruised, creating 'feelings' of hurt, shame & disappointment.  This is all misplaced energy and can be overcome.

As an entrepreneur, 'feelings' don't belong in the realm of business formation and decision. Your job is to build a successful business, being rejected, and told no, is as much a part of your growth as puberty is to youth.  All I'm saying is, expect to fail when building your business. If you expect it, prepare for it, then failure or the act of failing will have less of an impact on you. 

Think how many times you have quit an opportunity only to look back in hindsight after you have grown a thicker skin, and regretted your decision to quit. I know that feeling, and believe me the bitter taste of regret is far worse than any feeling of disappointment. 

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Before you quit, if you're thinking about quitting, step back a moment and really look at the situation.  Find someone who is doing your business successfully and connect with them. Thats easy to do today because of the internet. Most successful people don't mind sharing their story. Because, like you, they were once where you are. Remember this, disappointment convinces you to believe in your failure, but perseverance rides on the wings of success. 

I hope this inspires you today.