Thursday, February 9, 2012

Know Why No One Retweets You?

Do You follow the 20% Rule on Twitter?

Do you? The 20% rule that says your tweets on Twitter shouldn’t have links back to your own content less than 20% of the time. That’s an interesting concept. One that most who complain about not having their content retweeted might want to sit up and notice.

Most of the time, I find content that I like to share with my followers that can enhance their lives either personally or professionally. My passion is marketing, so I’m always reading articles from companies that offer an interesting twist or insight on mobile marketing or social media marketing. If I find something relevant,I’ll post it.

But,many people are just ‘shouting’on Twitter. Shouting their affiliate links like they are throwing something against the wall hoping it sticks. Yeah,it probably works sometimes,because there is always that percentage of impulsive shoppers,who if you catch at the right time on the right day,they will make a purchase without thinking.

But,the key is,if you post it on Twitter and they make an impulsive buying decision,will they turn into repeat buyers. Or more importantly,will they share your link so you can earn more business?

Probably not.

Most of my business associates refuse to use Twitter because they have yet to find the value in it. They don’t understand that you can use Twitter Search ( to target your audience and speak to them personally.

Similar to searching on Google,you can use the modifier ‘-‘and place that in front of ‘http’—which means you want to find tweets that do not contain links. It would look like this: -http; then add the keyword you want to target,if it is a location,place the keyword ‘St Louis’ or ‘STL’;then to further refine your search,add the word ‘nearby.’

This is how your search string would appear:

-http “STL” nearby

Doing this will retrieve all the tweets about St. Louis from users who are in the St. Louis area. You can try this strategy with any keyword you are targeting.

Try it, see how it works.

Twitter or any other social media network is not difficult to use,you just have to take time to learn HOW to use it.

Hey,comment below and give me your feedback. Let me know if it works for you,or you have another