Thursday, February 2, 2012

Top 10 Ways To Make Money With RevResponse

Here are the top 10 ways to make money with RevResponse:
RevResponse is a premiere business-focused ad network that goes beyond
banner-styled advertisements. As a publisher, you can offer FREE relevant
business content that you give away to your audience while making money!

1. Monetize Your Blog Posts---Move away from typical ad placements. RevResponse provides you
with valuable business magazine and whitepaper offers from over 33+
industries that you can blend into your blog or website as content. The
relevant content is a natural fit in the conversation and your audience
benefits from the free offers.

2. Cash In On Your Site Content

RevResponse is a pay-per lead program with high payouts. Every qualified lead
generated earns you a minimum payout of $1.50 and up to $20.00. Select offers
from over 33+ industry categories. Turn the news and topics you post on a regular basis into a revenue stream by providing your users content that is related to the topic.
There are hundreds of offers available from more than 33 industries within
the RevResponse Offer Catalog. You can use these offers to align with
areas of interest to your audience. By recommending specific offers within
a blog post or news feature on your site, you are not only improving your
revenue potential but you are also improving your users’ experience.

3. Drive Traffic To Your Co-branded Content Resource Center--Every RevResponse partner is provided with a co-branded business
content resource center which hosts all available RevResponse offers.
This partner page is a subdomain of and can be used
as a landing page where you can send your users to request our offers.

4. Promote With E-Newsletter Inclusions
--Make your e-newsletters work for you. If you are an e-newsletter publisher, you don’t have to cram your newsletters full of ads in order to
profit from them – with RevResponse you can monetize these mailings by providing our valuable free content to your recipients.

5. Optimize Your Opt-in Mailing List---For RevResponse partners with opt-in emailing lists, the earning potential is endless. You can monetize this list by sending emails featuring one or multiple free offers. The RevResponse NewsLetter Wizard allows you to target offers to your audience by industry, geography, and offer type leading to greater potential for revenue.

6. Monetize Your Site Communications---Capitalize on that captive audience by including a message with an offer promotion. For example: “Thank you for registering/signing up. As part of
your membership with us, we’d like to offer you the following free magazine subscription (or download).”

7. Leverage Your Social Networking Sites---If you use a messaging or social networking site like Twitter, you can promote to your friends, followers or contact lists. Many of our partners have been leveraging Twitter as a promotion tool and have started tweeting about
individual free magazines they may be interested in. Interested readers are
taken to a web page where they can register for the free magazines and

8. Create Promotions Using RevResponse RSS Feeds
--For our more technically savvy partners, we have both an XML Catalog and RSS Feeds that can be utilized to automate the creation of special web pages, libraries, catalogs, and tools. The flexibility of these
programmer resources is endless and the tools allow you to flex your creative muscle.

9. Place An Ad Widget On Your Site---RevResponse allows for monetization of every aspect of your online presence including standard ad space. RevResponse provides
interactive widgets that can be used to monetize the ad space within your
site, blog, or newsletter. Don’t forget about text links as well.

10. Refer New RevResponse Partners---You can earn by simply telling others about RevResponse. As a RevResponse partner, you can post advertising badges on your site to
sign up new partners. In turn, you can earn up to 20% commission on any
revenue your referral partner earns for 6 months.

RevResponse is a pay-per lead program with high payouts. Every qualified lead generated earns you a minimum payout of $ 1.50 and up to $ 20.00. Select offers from over 33+ industry categories. RevResponse gives you the tools to make money outside the traditional IAB banner ad
space. The RevResponse Forum provides a wealth of knowledge; and, the partners share valuable tips on how to make money online.