Thursday, March 15, 2012

42 Social Media Do's & Don't's

Social Media Advertising Strategy: 9 Dos of a Social Media Ad Campaign
This tutorial on social media advertising strategy goes over the dos and donts of Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns. This social media advertising presentation was filmed at AdTech New York.

Marketers cannot live on an earned media strategy alone. While social word of mouth is powerful, it'll increasingly be coupled with paid social media to realize the true potential. In fact, social media ad spending should grow 55% this year alone to $3 billion. Where is that money going to? How are those ads working in concert with other marketing formats? And where, when and how should your brand include paid social media in an ad buy? We'll analyze the best social media buying strategies and also share case studies on how to mingle paid social media with earned social media for top-notch results.