Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fine Jewelry Online Shopping For That Special Day

The wedding season is upon us. Anxious brides to be are in the last phase of being single. Grooms have professed their love with diamond engagement rings, and some even got down on one knee. However the big day has yet to arrive, and it is then that true love is shown.

Weddings have always been a huge production for me as a photographer, because along with the bride, the groom and sometimes their families, we meet many times informally and formally deciding which photos will be taken. One of my favorite shots is the one where the wedding diamond rings are places on a silk pillow. This photo almost always ends up on the front cover of the photo book that gets presented to the newlyweds after the wedding. In my 20 years of shooting, I’ve seen all kinds of fine jewelry and not so fine jewelry, LOL!

However, one thing women love to cherish are their diamond engagement rings. These keepsakes represent a moment in time where love was all that mattered. As if the world stopped just for their special day. Many grooms have discovered fine jewelry for their brides-to-be at top online jewelry stores. According to eMarketer, “the number of online shoppers in the U.S. is expected to grow from 140 million in 2010 to 170 million in 2015.”

So, why not shop for diamond rings online? The savings can be awesome.

Allurez Jewelers surprised me with their products. Not only does the website look good (that’s one of my criteria, it has to catch my eye with product), but they also have a contest right now where you can win a designer diamond ring valued at $2000.00. When we shop online, merchants should be judged based on their return policy, the security in which our credit transaction is processed and of course free shipping. Allurez has all those things, offering secure shopping, easy returns and of course 100% satisfaction. There isn't a woman alive that will not be glued to that website page. The pictures of the rings and other fine jewelry are stunning. You can even design your own wedding ring!  Jewelry like this makes this photographer love her job even more.

Allurez Jewelers is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and even has a layaway plan. You can shop for fine jewelry, and even diamond engagement rings now. So, if you’re thinking of proposing, but not sure if you can afford to give her the diamond ring she deserves, placing a layaway order with Allurez is certainly an option.

So, for all you nervous brides-to-be and loving grooms, consider Allurez Jewelers as the place to make dreams come true. She’ll always look at her ring as a symbol of your love, make your wedding and diamond engagement rings special, Symbolize Your Love with Jewelry from Allurezat Allurez Jewelers.

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