Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little Known Way of Getting Cheap Content Writers!

There are millions of people on the face of this earth who have an inadequate control over the language of power, English. They fall tongue-tied when it comes to fashioning their message into a presentable format. It's not that they are not creative enough but maybe they are unable to fully realize their verbal potential. But that doesn't mean that this infirmity would cause a cessation of their work or a drop in the quality of their work. To help them out, the Third World countries or more mildly put the developing nations have thrown a new crop of professionals, people who flourish in the art of content writing. Several people have a misconception or let's say conflict regarding the job description of content developer and content writer. A content writer strictly researches the content of the article and then arranges it into a more reader-friendly format. It is necessary to get the message across to the reader. A content writer has to consciously avoid the usage of jargon or else he will baffle the reader out of recognition. It is recommended that he mostly uses direct speech and has the capability to lend a fresh outlook to otherwise mundane topics. I love PLR, it's great for your autoresponder series and email marketing. Here is some from my good buddies over at the Warrior Forum!

When hunting for content writers, always have some expectations from your employee. He or she must be above average; you should sample his proficiency over the English language by reading some of the work he has done in the past. Read the materials that he has put up in his profile. Find out whether he is a niche writer or not, or if he has the capability of handling a diverse range of topics, etc. If you are employing him as a ghost writer for your marketing brochures or your autobiography it is wise to know about his flexibility with such matters - whether he would demand credits for such work or be satisfied with just a fat pay check. Always determine your budget before you take almost any significant step in life (even love, it seems, is a major financial proposition!). Don't start hunting for content writers without having a fixed budget in mind. Once you find the writers of your choice, discuss the most viable payment options; some content writers would demand a down payment on submission of each piece of writing, while some others take an advance and ask for the rest of it on completion of the work. Still others may be comfortable with the thought of getting money on a monthly basis. Not all content writers have a bank account and even if they do, some banks don't have e-transaction facilities. Under such circumstances, you would have to send their monthly paychecks through a courier service. In retrospect, the courier fees should be included in your budget while looking for budding content writers. Word of mouth advertisement is possibly the best way to spread the word about your search for content writers. Soon the resumes would pour in and you would have to pick and choose as to which content writer appeals to you the most. Always prefer seeing the samples of their original work before you trust their talent. There are some really good as well as some unskilled writers available out there. Like a skilled jeweler you would have to select the diamond from the pile of rubbish. Most content writing jobs come with a deadline. So, discuss the deadline issue with the writer before offering him the job. There are some really professional content writers hogging the limelight. Unfortunately, most them have work lined up on their schedule and very few are indulgent enough to rush projects. Those who do rush projects ask for additional payments, issues which need to be cleared up before the job is offered. Some writers are uncomfortable with a twenty-four hour deadline; they prefer a weekly sojourn into the heart of the matter before giving shape to the article.