Friday, April 13, 2012

The One Reason Why Your Are Not Making Enough money from Your Articles

For some people, the very word 'article' is pregnant with meaning. They know for certain that articles refer to electronic text, used on the Internet through web pages and email, to generate quality content for websites and ezines. There are many benefits of providing good quality content on your website. If you think about it, you'll find that the benefits of providing it to your customers are great too.

When you distribute articles, you add more incoming links to your website. You get noticed in the market. is the most frequently used article directory, so if you add your content there, you can't miss success.

If you want to read or submit articles, then is THE place to go. I have submitted several articles to that directory and experienced positive results.

This is a very good website for Google back links, but sitting back after submitting a single article won't get you many visitors. However, by generating a stream of 2 or 3 articles a week, especially if they are well written and novel, and submitting them to, you can channel traffic towards yourself. Your website's ranking will climb. Google is a powerful website. A back link from them boosts your search engine optimization.

Buzzle is a strong competitor for You should check it out and keep it high on your priority list. Writers who work for Buzzle also gain extra exposure when they are featured on the directory.

Articles for the web are ideally written in small paragraphs of three to four lines each. These give higher CTR than articles written in longer paragraphs of 6 to 8 lines. Smaller paragraphs tend to hold the attention of the reader for a longer time, and therefore attract more traffic.

Why EzineArticles isn't making the most of your article marketing

A small problem crops up when you decide that submitting to Ezine marks the end of your job. There is plenty more for you to do. Most online business owners do none of this. But if you follow the tips below I am sure you will do much better than the other article marketers.

1. Use the content on your own website and modify them to suit your purpose. You can repurpose them for email, reports, audio recordings and even videos.

2. The content can also be used as a base for your upcoming press release. You have already put in the required effort; all you have to do now is broaden the distribution of your article.

3. More importantly, look for websites related to your niche. These are sites which have regular visitors whose profiles match with that of your prospective clients. Contact publishers of successful websites and newsletters and offer your skills first hand. Do not suffer from the illusion that they will eventually find your work on or Buzzle. Build up a direct relationship with these publishers and send them the content they are looking for!

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