Thursday, May 3, 2012

5 Ways to Succeed at Email Marketing

Success is a beautiful word! Success at email marketing is a beautiful phrase. There are so many ways to fail at email marketing....thats the bad news.

The good news is that there are techniques available that, if not guarantee success, at least increase the odds and put them in your favor. 1.Build your list. Dont even consider buying a list. Build your list from scratch. Yes, it will take time but once you get a list going to will actually self-propagate and it will be a list of names of real customers and real prospective customers. Use all of the available techniques and your list will be your most valuable asset. A long and impressive list of real prospects opens doors for you that will otherwise remain closed.

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2.When you send your marketing emails to your list be certain that they are formatted in such a way that all email delivery systems will deliver them in readable form. Use NotePad to compose your messages so that you have only ACSII characters and be sure that your lines are never longer than 65 characters.

3.Never, ever word-wrap links. Plain text email delivery systems will deliver word-wrapped links without the link. Always type out full website addresses.

4.Never promote more than one product or service per marketing email. Keep your emails short. 300 to 400 words long is long enough for a marketing email. Be certain that all of the links in your marketing email work and that every word is spelled correctly. Double check your grammar, as well.

5.Dont over-do sending marketing emails. Remember that these people who opted into your mailing list gave you permission to email them but they didnt give you permission to pester them to death with marketing messages.

(Try any of these email clients. They all do free trials. I've used Aweber in the past, but right now I use SendStream to showcase my Diabetes News Online newsletter. I haven't used Vertical Response yet, but they seem like they have an awesome support team. My recommendation is try them out, give them a test run, and see which one you like better.

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