Monday, May 14, 2012

Build Your Email List For Lifelong Rewards

Build it or Buy it

Email marketers must have opt-in lists in order to pursue their selling goals and operate their email marketing business.

Since the CAN SPAM Act became law in 2004 it is against the law to send bulk marketing emails without the express consent of the recipients so opt-in lists are a must.

Building an opt-in list from scratch is a lot of just plain old hard work. It is a time consuming task.

Building an opt-in list means that articles must be written and submitted to articles banks. It means that opt-in incentives must be created or purchased.

It means that the email marketer is going to have to spend many of his waking hours dreaming up ways to increase his opt-in list. Wow! That sounds HARD!

When faced with the task of list building, many email marketers fall prey to those who assure them that all of that hard work simply isnt necessary.

Email marketers are told that they can just buy an opt-in list and save themselves all that work and trouble.

Buying a list can be very tempting but it really is a temptation that should be resisted.

Bought opt-in lists dont contain the names and email addresses of your best prospects, for sure, but what kind of names and email addresses are actually on these lists?

Most of them are names and email addresses of people who accidentally opted in. Those are the names on the single opt-in lists.

The double opt-in lists are supposed t be names of people who opted in on purpose and then verified by a return email that they did, in fact, opt in. Wait a minute! Who do you know that really loves getting an inbox full of marketing emails everyday? Mostly the names on these double opt-in lists belong to people who belong to CAN SPAM watch-dog groups.

The fact is that nobody can give you permission to send email to an address other the person who owns the address and then they must specifically give that permission to you. Everything else is SPAM.