Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An Email Marketers Dream

Once upon a time, an email marketer, who had worked very hard all day, went to bed and he was so tired that he immediately fell into a deep sleep.

As sleep took him over, he was transported into dream land where he had a wonderful dream.

In his dream, he sent out an absolutely perfect marketing email. It was so well-written that it actually glowed.

He programmed this perfect email into his perfect autoresponder and was notified that there was no wait time at all.

The message was sent out immediately. There was a 100% delivery rate! He was ecstatic. It just kept getting better.

He went to his tracking pages and found that every single email that he had sent had been opened.

Not only had they been opened....the sales link in every email had been clicked on. He couldnt believe his eyes! A sale had been made to every recipient of his perfect email. SNAP!

Its too bad but that really was just a very nice dream. It isnt ever going to happen like that out here in the real world of email marketing. There are, however, things that can be done to make it come partially true.

Remember that this dream started with a perfect email marketing message.

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The better and more concise a marketing email message is, the better the link clicks will be. The more times the links are clicked the more sales there will be.

Our imaginary dreamer did two important things right. He wrote a good marketing email and then he tracked his results.

Both of these things can really help to make any email marketers dreams come true but dont expect that 100% sales rate...that is just a dream.