Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How does CAN-SPAM affect email marketing?

CAN SPAM and You

SPAM got to be such a major problem for so many people in this country that Congress actually had to do something about it. There was a lot of discussion (as well as just cussin) and email marketers were really afraid of what would happen to their businesses when this act was passed in 2003. There was, however, some lead time and email marketers set up opt-in lists to use rather than just sending our bulk unsolicited emails. It turned out that the CAN SPAM act was actually a blessing to legitimate email marketers.

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The ones that got hurt were the unscrupulous ones who sent out that awful porn and sexually explicit type emails to unsuspecting recipients when the act became the law of the land in January of 2004.

Before CAN SPAM, most people would find hundreds of emails in the inboxes each and every day. The ones from their friends and families were buried somewhere in the pile of unsolicited bulk emails. The emails from their friends and families, as well as, those from legitimate email marketers were all lumped together in one huge stack and people were far less than happy with the situation. The law that made email marketers create opt-in lists has actually turned out to be a very good thing. The emails that are sent are sent only to those who want to get them and are most likely to act on the messages included in them.

Of course, everybody still gets at least some SPAM everyday or almost everyday. The SPAMMERS simply change email addresses and continue to send SPAM but the problem is slowly coming under control which is a real boon to all email recipients as well as to legitimate email marketers. The penalties provided in the law are stiff and are a great deterrent to those who would like to send SPAM.

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