Friday, June 22, 2012

Are You Successful Because of God, or Is It You?

I just read this article published by Marketo, titled: "The God Complex and the Importance of Trial and Error," written by Jason Miller, it discussed a scenario where a company which wants to make detergent discovers how using a process of trial and error. The gist of the article summizes to create the theory which states do successful people have a God complex in which they refuse to believe, no matter the situation, that their way of thinking, their ideas are wrong regardless of the "complexity of the situation."

Let me tell you why that article sticks out to me. I have been marketing successfully and unsuccessfully at times on the internet since 2001. I've had my super successful times as well as times when I've just plain walked away from projects. There was a period where internet marketing programs paid my bills for three years and financed lavish vacations to the Caribbean and other wonderful places many people dream of going. But, then like an automobile factory that needs retooling to prepare for a new product design and new year, I reinvented myself to study email marketing, mobile and social media marketing. And in the interim, my income suffered, I had to go back into Corporate America and take a 'job,' but still polish my craft while doing so.

Still, I don't quit, I refuse to believe naysayers in my life, or those that give me quizzical looks when I speak so passionately about internet marketing and the joys I receive in living in my gift. It's as if I am in a world, a bubble world and I'm shouting loudly, yet the whole world passes me by, missing out on the greatest free information they will ever receive. Information that could change their lives tomorrow if only they would believe. I guess that's how God feels too, we pass by His word and Him freely, never once considering that if we only took the time to believe, gave Him a chance into our lives that it would be the greatest free information we will ever obtain if only we would believe. Hmmm, I'm starting to make a connection here between successful people and God.

I don't believe there is a God complex in successful people or their behavior, only if that God complex means having a belief in what God may have revealed to them by planting the seeds of an unbelievable idea in their minds (which is what God does.) I believe that business, successful business ideas are borne from those who believe wholeheartedly in that thing they believe in, so much that they refuse to give up despite the odds. Not all successful business people believe in God, I just happen to be one who does. I also know that you don't give up on a dream, no matter how bleak it looks, how depressing failure can appear, you never give up. Because the day you give up, is the day it all ends and you go back to doing that same thing you were trying to get away from--a JOB (just over broke.)

My recommendation to you is, if you have a light (a dream or idea) inside you, whether that light is flickering or a full flame, don't let it die out. Give your idea, your dream life, and room to grow. Sometimes you may hit a brick wall and that's only because the way you decided to get it accomplished was the wrong way, like getting lost when driving, sometimes we turn down the wrong road only to retrace our route and go back the way we came to get back on the right road. All I'm saying is sometimes, we have to get lost in order to find our way. Success is just that way. A great man once said, "if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it."

No matter what, God complex, or a belief in yourself, don't give up on your dream. It is who you are, it is what you were made to do.

Do you have a God complex?