Saturday, June 16, 2012

How To Create Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Convert

“A consumer who is viewing or using mobile advertising channels is more advanced in their usage of mobile services than a member of the general population.” If you're using or thinking about using mobile marketing, the one thing you should know is your customer and target audience is very skilled at using their device. They know how to open an email message on their smartphone or tablet, they also know how to use texting, video other mobile applications. So, with this understanding, you should have a base point of how to speak to your audience. Right there is a clue on the types of products and services you may be able to offer to your mobile market.

Keep your messages simple, because the easier it is for your audience to access your basket of goodies, the more engagement you'll get. The mobile market audience is increasing, according to Advertising Age, “Who’s making a mark in mobile? Content players,” February 4, 2008, "the number of Americans who watched mobile video grew 60% between January and November [2007]. This demonstrates the headway that advanced mobile technology adoption is making in the United States today. Mobile phone subscriptions in the United States have increased from 195 million in 2005 to 243 million in 2007." Check out the video below from mobile marketing vendor Cash Texts:

Cash Texts is a solid company who has their finger on the pulse of the mobile audience. They understand that conversion rates for businesses selling mobile products are higher than for businesses offering non-mobile products. With that being said, conversion rates for advertisers offering mobile products averaged 65% higher than the rates achieved by advertisers offering non-mobile products.

College students are among the early adopters that are making mobile their choice. This is the perfect target audience because college students are always on their cell phones! They use tablets and iPads all the time, so therefore, marketing to this audience would be a stroke of genius. Take a look at the graphic below, these verticals have been identified as having a very high conversion rate (60% and higher).

Make your mobile campaigns convert by encouraging engagement with your audience. One way to do this is to create a dialogue with your customer that goes beyond the initial impression. Mobile campaigns that convert are more effective than general banner placement campaigns. Offer discount coupon codes that are redeemable over the phone, online or in your store. These are successful audience engagement techniques and can increase your sales by 25%. The graphic below shows how you should engage your audience using mobile marketing.

Here are some final tips on creating mobile marketing campaigns that convert:

1. Analyze your audience

2. Tailor your campaigns to the technology

3. Increase your marketing when the level of customer engagement increases

4. Keep your messages simple (br>
These should be great take-a-aways for you to get started with a successful mobile marketing campaign that converts.