Saturday, August 11, 2012

Be Social Media Personal on Facebook and Twitter

Don’t forget to be human and social media personal on Facebook and Twitter.

People like the human side of social media marketing. Your tweets, your Facebook status updates will gain so much more traction if you give people the real side of you. Social media networking has so much clutter, that I believe people have forgotten they are talking to people on the other side of that computer screen. Remember, in social media, you are talking to people, not at them.

Whenever I post updates to my Facebook Fan Page TeasasTips, I notice the things that get the most shares are the experiences I share that I have had. People don’t want to read textbook crap, they can get that anywhere. Your fans/followers want to know what have you done with that textbook crap and how did it work for you. Simple as that. People respond to me, not the marketer, but to me, the person. Whenever I post jokes, scripture or some of my photos, people believe they are getting to know me, so my response and engagement level is higher than if I just post cold marketing advice.

The same thing goes for your personal Facebook page. Want to get a lot of shares and comments? Put personal stuff on there, like funny pictures or jokes, funny stories about yourself. Those are the things that people connect with. So the next time you’re on Facebook or Twitter or any other social networks, remember that you are talking to people, and if you can talk to people, you can get all the things you need.