Monday, August 13, 2012

How Often Should You Send Email Marketing Messages?

Marketing by Email: The Basics

Email marketing is one of the easiest of all methods to market on the least it is easy after an opt-in list is built up to a substantial number.

Getting an opt-in list built up to a substantial number is the hardest part and it is one that is never completed.

However, once an opt-in list is built, the basics of marketing by email are really rather simple. They can be made complicated but they certainly dont have to be.

1. Each marketing email should promote only one product, one service or one event such as a teleseminar or webinar.

You should never try to promote your entire inventory or every project that you are involved in to the same audience in the same email. Keep it simple.

2. Email marketing messages need to be very short. They should only be 300 to 400 words long. The main selling points of the product that is being promoted should be brought to the attention of the reader by the use of bullet points. These should all be simple sentences...not long paragraphs.

3. Email marketing messages do not need to come across like a used car salesman on TV. The use of all capitals is the written version of conversational shouting and it is just rude.

The use of multiple exclamation point is another form of shouting and they just cheapen the message.

4. Email marketing messages should not be sent too often. The recipients will become irritated and opt out of the list if their inboxes overflow with email marketing messages from the same sender.

5. Each recipient of a marketing email message should be addressed by their first name.

Autoresponders come with a personalization feature. This feature needs to be used on every marketing email that is sent.