Thursday, August 23, 2012

How To Lose All Your Subscribers In One Week

Proven Opt OUT Techniques

We all know that there are techniques that have been proven effective in getting people to opt-in to mailing lists.

Successful email marketers practice these opt-in enhancing techniques daily.

Just as there are proven opt-in enhancement techniques there are an equal number of proven ways to encourage members of your list to opt-out and they are even more effective than the opt-in techniques.

Simply follow the opt-out techniques to insure the failure of your email marketing business:

1.Do not use the personalization feature that your autoresponder provides. The recipients of your marketing messages will delete them quickly.

2.Dont worry about the subject line of your marketing emails...just put anything....or maybe even nothing. This will guarantee that your emails will be unopened, unread and will never have a chance to be acted upon.

3. Dont check your spelling or your grammar. Thats just time wasted. They wont be reading them anyway...and if they do read one, you can rest assured, that they wont be reading the next one.

4.Dont bother with formatting. Just use a Word document and dont bother with using Note Pad.

The recipients who receive mail in plain text will get an email that they cant read and if you make your lines really long, they might have fun trying to figure out what the message was supposed to be about.

5.Be sure never to use complete website addresses. Just word-wrap your links. Its a lot easier.

Of course, those who receive messages in plain text wont be able to see the link at all...but thats okay.

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6.Send about ten marketing emails to every name on your opt-in list every single day. They are really going to love having their inboxes filled with marketing emails from you....NOT.

7. Be sure to use a lot of exclamation points and big blocks of all capital letters.

The recipients of your marketing emails will think that you are yelling at them...they will be looking for the opt-out button really fast.