Monday, August 6, 2012

Personalize your emails for best open rates

Personalization Works

Let me ask you a question. When snail mail arrives at your home or your place of business and it is addressed to resident, what do you do with it?

I thought so...I do the same thing. It is either tossed in the round file or it starts a meaningful relationship with the shredder.

There is one more question. If the mail is addressed to you but when you open it, it greets you as, Dear Friend what do you do with it? Me, too. It meets the same fate.

If you think about it, you apply those same principles to your email that you apply to your snail mail. You classify mail that does not address you by name as junk and hit the delete button.

You arent the only one who does that. Everybody mostly uses those same criteria and they apply them to the marketing emails that YOU send, as well.

Your autoresponder came with a personalization feature. You need to learn to use it and you need to use it with every email that you send out whether it is a welcoming, thank-you, or marketing message.

Some autoresponders include a feature that allows you to put the first name of the recipient into the subject line of outgoing messages, as well.

Learn to use that feature. You wont want to use it every time but there will be times when it can be very helpful.

Personalizing your email messages will keep them from being deleted before they are opened and read. If the recipients dont open them and read them, they cannot possibly act on them.

Personalize your outgoing marketing emails in order to increase your open rate, as well as, your link click rate and your bottom line. Nobody wants to be completely anonymous.

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