Sunday, February 17, 2013

How to write great marketing copy that converts

There isn’t a marketer in the world that doesn’t wish all their marketing copy converts into a sale. So you write what you believe is killer copy and release it to the unknown masses, and voila, only get what, eight (8) sales?!

I’ve been there, so I’m not making fun of you. So, because I share your pain, I felt it was my duty to help you figure out how to fix our problem. One way to do this is to think like the customer. You must put yourself in the customers’ shoes in order to write great copy. It is here where the magic begins.

First you want to begin to think what makes your customer make decisions. You can easily do this by thinking about yourself. What causes you to make a choice?

• Is it fear?
• Fear of flying
• Fear of dying
• Fear of heights
• Fear of the dark
• Fear of intimacy
• Fear of commitment
• Fear of crowds
• Fear of making a mistake
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of abandonment
• Fear of change
• Fear of the unknown

Fear is the number one motivator in us, and a powerful tool to use when writing marketing copy that converts into sales. The list above is a compilation of some of the most common fears known to humans. There are more, but off the top of my head, these are the cream of the crop. As marketing managers, we make a living off fear and deprivation. Our writing creates mental images of what you will not have and what your biggest fears are if you don’t buy our products. So, you should format your marketing copy by starting with a fear that your customer has, and then a solution (your product) and what it can do for your customer.

The first part of your marketing message should be comprised of a fear, the second part is what your product or service can do for your customer that can eliminate that fear. You can think of this as the solution part of your message. In it, you want to tell and more importantly show your customers how your product will make them feel:

• Safer
• As though they have more social status
• More beautiful or handsome
• More attractive to others
• Sexier
• More virile
• Smarter
• More likable
• As though you are a better mother or father
• As though you are a better husband or wife
• More competent in your work
• Like a better breadwinner/provider for your family
• More unique
• More lovable
• More loving
• More compassionate
• Stronger
• Faster
• As though your life has more meaning
• Like you are making a difference in the world

All these emotion descriptive will make your customers feel something. Your job is to create an image in their minds with your marketing copy. Last, you want to include a call to action in your marketing copy to make sure it converts to a sale. A call to action is going to be “buy it now,” “limited time offer,” or “the first 100 customers receive free shipping.” All of these lines are effective call to actions (CTA’s) and you want to use them in every piece of marketing copy you write.

Just to recap, you want to create a motivating fear, then a solution, then a call to action in order to write effective marketing copy that sells and converts. What types of things do you write that make your copy convert? Let us know below in the comment section.