Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to Protect Your Privacy From Social Graph on Facebook

Facebook's Social Graph has been rolled out to the public now and personally, I don't like it. I liked being able to search in the old search bar method and find people and things I didn't know existed. With the Social Graph, it is an individual users' nightmare, while it is helpful to marketers. But, one thing that most people don't know about Facebook's Social Graph is that it diminishes your privacy. Now is the time to learn how to manage your privacy controls on Facebook.

If you want to keep some things in your life personal, set your privacy controls to 'friends only.' There are many employers who use social networks to do background research on potential candidates. Having that photo of you and your crew throwing back Tequila shots may not be the first impression you want to give to a potential employer. There are 97,000 photos on Facebook, make sure any pictures you're tagged in don't embarrass you. Make sure you set your privacy controls to alert you whenever someone tags you in a photo or even attempts to post to your timeline.

These are just a couple of safety measures you can implement on Facebook with the release to the masses of their Social Graph tool. Take a look at the INFOGRAPHIC below for more suggestions.