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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Which Online Job Pays Highest Salary? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online jobs are where the money is at! Particularly if you're considering going to college or to pursue a certificate in web development or iPhone or Android app development. These jobs can also be very exciting. However, what to online jobs pay? How do you know which online job pays the highest salary?

The following INFOGRAPHIC will tell which online job pays the highest salary. For instance, Data Entry in the Phillipines will pay you $6 per hour, while the same job in the UK will pay you $15 an hour! The global average is $10 an hour. Or take a look at Web Development online salaries, in India, you'll make $23 an hour, while in the USA, you'll make $46 an hour. The global average is $27 an hour. All of these averages are based upon the average asking salaries of online Freelance consulting firm oDesk, where job seekers and job posters can meet their earning and productivity needs. In the meantime, check out which online job pays the highest salary below!

Salaries for Popular Online Jobs - Infographic – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

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