Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Marketing to Women: Keep it Simple

As a rule women are pretty loyal creatures. We find a product we like and it works well, then we will stick with it. And if that product has an extra bonus feature like saving us money, we will tell oour girlsfriends about it. As a marketer if you are seeking to reach more women, then this should be the cornerstone of your behavioral strategy when marketing to women. We're really simple creatures, we're just misunderstood.

If you're seeking to change the buying behavior of women, you have to start with the most rudimentary thought as it relates to the product you are seeking to sell. I just told you women are simple creatures, we nurture, we protect, we provide, and we will do what it takes to keep ourselves and family stable and secure (sounds like a man doesn't it?) Not really. Have you ever watched one of the animal channels and watched the behavior of female animals when it comes to the young? It's simple, they make sure their babies are fed, are warm, are safe and secure. On the surface these are basic necessities to all living animals. Since this behavior is simplistic in its execution, then your approach to women when marketing to them, should be the same way.

Start small. Think of the woman that decides to go to Dollar General versus Target or KMart. She goes there because.....? Let's use me as an example: if I were making this decision, I'm going to Dollar General because it's smaller, I don't always have time to go into a big store, and walk the majority of the square footage of the building just to pick up a few personal items. I want simple and I want to save time. So I will go to Dollar General because there is never a long line, I can walk right in and walk right back out with what I needed. Plus, I might be able to save a few dollars on the prices of some of the items I'm purchasing. Like I said, simple.

So, if you're Target or KMart, how do you change the direction of my buying decision?

I would take a page from Wal-Mart and change up frequently what is at the front of the store. Bring those sale items right to the front of the store and get rid of those cheap less than $1 stor items you have trhown in a hodepodge of confusion in those front rows. Imagine if Target took that area and placed health and beauty items that were featured in this weeks sales offering right in the ront of the store when you first walk in? It may sound radical, it may even make that big box retailer uncomfortable, but you can't keep doing the same things hoping for a different result. Just a simple change to get a different response.

Successfully marketing to women is simple. It doesn't take a lot to get our attention, but when you get our attention, please have something worth our time.