Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mike Brown Video, Ferguson Killed For No Reason

***********Warning, Graphic Video*********************

This video also has strong language in the comments section as well as during the video, I did not shoot this video, it was shot by a member of the apartment complex where Mike Brown of Ferguson Lived.

I didn't shoot this cellphone video, someone who lives in the apartment complex where Mike Brown of Fergsuon, Missouri lived shot it. It shows a body later identified as Mike Brown lying in the streets. For 10 minutes you can hear the commentary by the person shooting the video of what the police are alleged to have done on Saturday, August 9, 2014. You can hear what sounds like a relative of Mike Brown, possibly his mother screaming for someone to call the ambulance and to "help her baby." I'm not sure why Mike Brown's body was allowed to lay in the street uncovered. Mike Brown was an 18 year old African American gunned down allegedly by a Fergusn police office named Darren Wilson, a 6 year veteran of the force. Ad a result of the community being in an uprage over the treatment of young African American males by the Ferguson police department resulted in rioting and looting on Sunday, August 10th. Many local stores were looted by people who were later arrested and identified as not being residents of Fergsuon. The day after the looting, police use military style weapons to disperse the crowd of protesters who were chanting, "Hands up, Don't shoot." The last part of that chant, "Don't shoot" was allegedly what Mike Brown cried out to the police officer who killed him. According to the family of Mike Brown, Brown was on his knees with his hands raised in the air saying "Don't shoot."

This is a sad day not just in Ferguson, Missouri but in America as a whole.

***********Warning, Graphic Video*********************