Friday, June 19, 2015

Amazon Sales Success: A True Story

Success with Business Testimony Time:

On April 30, 2015 I joined a network marketing opportunity. The company makes healthy weight loss products. Of course my goal was to make lots of money by following the directions of my upline. Because life throws curve balls we aren't able to hit all the time, I had one thrown at me while moving. I had finally gotten approved for the condo of my dreams and moving day had arrived. While moving I twisted and bruised my left knee. This was a problem. I had to go to the ER to get a cortisone shot so I could walk without being in pain. My plans for being a successful network marketer had been delayed.

Or so I thought

While bedridden, I had an idea to put all the products on Amazon in the form of an online store. That was May 22nd. By May 26th I had sold $440.00 worth of products. I was excited! Every morning it seemed, Amazon was sending me a "seller notification of product sold." My spirit was anxious with success. I was selling these weight loss products in a category reserved for sellers who have not been approved as a Professional Amazon Seller.

It's not over yet

That isn't the end of my story. I've been approved as a Professional Amazon Seller!!!!! That means all my weight loss products have been moved to the Nutritional Supplements Weight Loss category, and I expect to see even more sales than I had while in the 'everything else' category. Being placed in that category is equivalent to moving your products from the back of the store to the front of the store. This is major!!

If you could see me right now, you would see tears of joy streaming down my face. Let me share some stats with you, then you'll understand my current situation: In a 7 day period I have earned an average of $150.70 per day on the sale of 15 items which each sale is averaging $70.33. This is a great start especially since my products were in "the back of the store!" I'm excited to see the difference in sales now that I'm a Professional Seller on Amazon. I'll keep you updated!

Some marketers ignore lower dollar amount opportunities because they want to pursue the larger dollar amount ones. Their self worth is so high, that these lowly customers are beneath them. They have internally set a dollar amount on their personal 'worth' and if an opportunity does not measure up to their perceived worth, it is not pursued. What those marketers misunderstand is the lower dollar amount opportunities adds to their overall'worth' making their perception of individual worth more valuable. Are you a marketer who knows you can live in the financial overflow? Then let me show you how I went from zero to greatness while bedridden. Let me teach you to increase your worth marketing a product in the multi-billion dollar healthy weight loss industry. If I can do it from a my sick bed, surely you can do it not being in a sick bed. Leave a comment below and I will contact you.