Monday, May 29, 2017

When God Comes Through For You

You know how some people say it's hard to wait on God to change their situation so they go ahead and help God?

Well I stopped doing that. I stopped being impatient. It was actually a New Year's Resolution for me, to make myself grow comfortable waiting on the Lord.

So, my job was changing. Changing into something I no longer felt comfortable being a part of. I had a talk with Jesus a few months ago, a tearful, heart to heart talk with Him. I told the Lord how I felt, and asked Him was I supposed to leave yet. Now I have learned that God doesn't always answer you right away, and He didn't answer me right away. So that meant, don't quit your job yet! LOL. Fast forward a couple of months after that prayer, and I began worrying, and stressing about my job. I was worried I would be the next one fired because that was happening weekly. I worried so much I got sick and was hospitalized. (Prior to being hospitalized my daughter and son-in-law had talked to me saying "mama you are worrying too much about that job. Just trust God.")

We all know that once you start worrying about something, it's difficult to let it go. But once I was hospitalized, laying in that bed, getting morphine injections every 2 hours for pain, I realized I was living like a foolish person. I know the Lord, why wasn't I trusting Him with my life? When I came home from the hospital I stopped focusing on my job and my daily outcomes. I felt free. Then a couple of weeks after being released from the hospital. I received a call from an employer I had interviewed with. The real is that I interviewed the first time for this position was in 2016, they offered me the position at that time, but I had already started working for the job I'm leaving now. Unfortunately, I had to turn them down. At that time the hiring manager asked me, "are you sure you don't want to come work for us?" We laughed it off and said if it doesn't work out for me, I will surely give you a call. That was in 2016.

The day before I went into the hospital I re-interviewed for the position that I turned down a year ago. Now here is where God comes in. We all know or should know that God goes before us IF you allow Him to lead you. I believe I was going to get fired in April, however I was hospitalized for 3 days, and when I came back to work the following week after being released from the hospital, I had a low blood sugar and began vomiting all over the place. My supervisor was terrified! She drove me straight to the Emergency Room. I wasn't admitted that time, however I went to see the Endocrinologist the next day, who decreased my dosage. (That still didn't help, but that's for another day.) I was off work for 9 days after that episode, leading up to a new month. Anyone in sales knows that it is a month to month sales quota attainment. What you accomplish in April is paid out in May. Well, I didn't meet any of my sales metrics in April and therefore did not bonus for that month. I'm not used to that. I always win!

However, God came into the picture. I had not heard back from the job I interviewed for in April right before my hospitalization. Then one day while at work I received an email from the company I interviewed with. They wanted to know if I would accept an offer of employment with them. I wanted to run up and down the aisle at work and shout old fashioned like those old saints do! But I held it in, and made 6 sales that day for my soon to be old job. LOL. It's amazing what you can do when you are no longer under pressure. I didn't tell anyone yet. Because I still needed to call this new employer. My point is, when you wait on Jesus, He is always on time! Never think he doesn't hear your prayers, He does. He's just working those prayers out to perfection so that you and everyone you share your story with will know that it was nobody but the Lord that brought you through! If you don't know how to wait on the Lord just try one day at a time until it becomes 2nd nature.

I love the Lord, He heard my cry. Thank you for reading.