Sunday, September 3, 2017

Level Rewards: Scam or The Real Deal?

I know a little about internet marketing or network marketing. You find a company you think you can promote and then you go for it. Kind of. Learn about a company before you jump both feet into the pool. Level Rewards is a good company. Many people I know personally get paid daily $100s to promote on Facebook. Sharing a link. I haven't made any money from it yet, I'm just getting started. I have 31 people under me as of September 3rd. We'll see. Let me show you how to make money from Level Rewards.

The way it works is this: 1st post 5 times a day on your personal Facebook page. Find some motivational quotes and post these. Use hashtags like #makemoneyonFacebook, this will get other eyes looking at your post long after you post it. Hashtags give a post life. Add your Level Rewards link to the end of the post so when it is shared others can sign up.

Next, screenshot it and post it congratulating people when they sign up for Level Rewards. Blow this up! Share it everywhere you can. It makes your new referrals feel special like they belong to something amazing. Always use positive words describing them. It helps you and teaches them how they should create their marketing messages for the teams they are building. Remember it's all about duplication. If you can't duplicate your success you won't have any success.

Show people how they can make money. Share with your new recruits screenshots of what you have made if anything. Don't lie about what you've made this can surely backfire on you. Be honest, tell your new recruits you're new and building your business. But when you start making money use that as a celebration platform. Until then work your business and don't get frustrated when the money isn't flowing in. Don't give up. This is a business not a hobby. Remember winners never quit and quitters never Level Up

Level Rewards is a referral program that pays you commissions daily for promoting our business and getting people to sign up to free trials.

You can join Level Rewards by clicking here--->