Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Increase Your Email Opt-In Rates

Opt-In Box Necessities

Ah! The opt-in box! It just sits there on a website waiting for a potential customer to type in their names and email addresses.

When names and email addresses are typed in, that means that they are added to an opt-in list and that they have given an email marketer permission to send marketing emails to their in-boxes.

The opt-in box is the direct connection to the inbox! Its a beautiful system that works very well....most of the time.

Problems can arise when email marketers forget to include the necessities in those opt-in boxes or when they include more than what is necessary. Too much is just as bad as not enough.

The necessary information that an email marketers requires from a customer or a potential customer is ONLY their first name and their email address. If more information is asked for, fewer people will complete the opt-in form.

If you ask for a first and a last name or for a mailing address or a telephone number, the person who is filling in the blanks on an opt-in form will start thinking identity theft or SPAM or middle of the night phone calls and they will surf away as fast as they can. ONLY ask for first names and email more.

The person who is filling in the blanks on an opt-in form wants to be assured that their email address isnt going to be given to anybody who wants it or sold at any price. A privacy statement is an absolute necessity on an opt-in form.

The privacy statement can be a very simple statement and can, also, contain a link to a longer version of your privacy statement.

Whether there is a link or not, there should always be a clear statement that assures a person that you will not share their information with anybody else.