Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Facebook Groups: Do they work? (an update)

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A few months back I reported that Facebook Groups don't work. At that time, I wrote, "Forget making a sale or getting a signup from being a member of Facebook groups, you may from time to time get a like for a comment you make if that comment is read by someone who hasn't been a member for long." Well, I need to modify that. I decided a few weeks ago to try posting a new affiliate program I have called Auto Affiliate X. I posted daily in a minimum of 20 internet marketing groups per day with an average membership of 2500. Since that time I am happy to report that I have 6 sales in one week. I believe it depends on what type of product offered to these groups. If a believable product is offered to these internet marketers (lead generation products or list building strategies), then you are more likely to make sales. I'm going to continue marketing this product to them, as I stand corrected, Facebook Group advertising does work.