Thursday, May 24, 2012

Track That Email Like A Bloodhound!

Conversion Rate Improvement Strategies When you send out a marketing email do you track it? Do you track it in real-time? Are you making note of the open-rate and the link-click rate? If you aren't doing those things then you need to start and you need to start yesterday!

Are you sending the same marketing email to your entire list? Is there just one email you send and it goes to every name on your list no matter what their age or reasons for buying the product might be? If you are doing that, you need to stop and you need to stop yesterday!

Behind each and every name and email address on your mailing list is a real live person. You will have people of different ages and who are at different points in their lives.

For example; you may have young mothers with small children, middle aged men or women who have been the victims of company down-sizing, as well as, older people who have retired from their professional lives.

Each of these groups of people may be interested in buying the product that you are promoting but they will be interested for different reasons. Maybe your product will save time.

That point will be important to both the young mothers and the middle ages people but it won't matter much to the older people. Maybe it has features that are interesting and useful.

Interesting and useful will be the main selling point for older people. Direct your message to the hearts and minds of the individuals you are selling to.

Track each and every email marketing campaign. Find out what is working, as well as, what isn't working. It could be that when you send out a marketing email there are many link-clicks.

That will be one that worked. It could also be that when you send out a marketing email you have a larger than usual opt-out rate. Don't do that one again.