Sunday, May 6, 2012

Webinars Big Listbuilders for the Email Marketer

Webinars are big business on the Internet. There are hundreds of webinars held everyday on every topic that one can imagine.

Attendance at a webinar can be anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars depending upon the topic and the speakers.

Some think that a webinar is difficult to pull off and a very expensive proposition to boot. Neither of those assumptions are accurate.

Actually a webinar is one of the cheapest of products that can be produced and sold on the internet and all that is really required is a bridge line, a subject and one or more speakers who are well versed on the topic to be discussed.

If you want a recording of the webinar that costs extra and if you want a transcript of the call, that is an extra cost as well.

But both a recording and a transcript can become products that can be sold.

Marketing a webinar to an email marketing opt-in list takes some planning.

The first thing is, you dont want to blind side your recipients by announcing a webinar that will take place the same day that they first hear about it from you.

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You need to prepare your opt-in list for the upcoming event and give them ample notice of the date, the time, the topic and who the speakers will be. Three or even four prior notice emails are not too many.

People will need time to free up their time in order to attend. They will need more than one opportunity to pre-register for the event.

The one other thing that is needed for a is a good and detailed outline of the topic to be discussed and the order in which points will be discussed.

Copies of this outline need to be provided to all speakers, hosts, and narrators of the webinar well in advance of the event.