Monday, April 30, 2012

5 Ways to Fail at Email Marketing

How many ways are there to really mess up at email marketing? Let me count the ways! There are at least an equal number of ways to do things wrong as there are to do things right.

There may even be more ways to do things wrong than right. There is usually only one right way but something there are multiple wrong ways.

1.A marketing email must be formatted so that it can be read in any email delivery system. All email delivery systems do not use HTML. Some only use plain text. Plain text is only ACSII characters. Those are the characters that you can see on your keyboard. The only program that comes on your computer that uses only ACSII characters is Note Pad. Use that program to write your email marketing messages. Not doing that is one of the primary ways to fail at email marketing.

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2.Plain text email delivery systems will deliver messages that have lines longer than 65 characters but all of the characters greater than 65 will be scrambled. The email message will be a lot of gibberish. This is yet another way to fail at email marketing.

3.Marketing email messages should only promote one product or one service at a time. Multiple products and services advertised at the same time will lead to email marketing failure.

4.Links that are sent word-wrapped will not appear as clickable links in plain text email delivery systems. The recipient will only see the words. They wont see the link and they wont know what the link is. Not sending full website addresses is another way to guarantee email marketing failure.

5.Marketing emails that are filled with misspelled words and poor grammar will cause the recipients to think that the sender is not all that bright or, maybe just uneducated. This is yet another way to fail at email marketing.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

5 Email Marketing Formatting Tips

A marketing email message that is unreadable is completely useless. Nothing is going to be sold and an unreadable marketing message isnt going to cause one person to visit a website.

An unreadable marketing email is simply an exercise in futility and worth nothing...or maybe less than nothing if the recipient can find the unsubscribe option.

Autoresponders give specific formatting instructions for mail that will be sent out. The reason that this formatting information is provided is because all email programs are not created equally.

Some email programs deliver email in plain text only and even if the email program is capable of receiving email in an HTML format, recipients often have the option of choosing to receive email only in the plain text format.

Messages that are sent in the plain text format are readable in both plain text and HTML receptor email programs while those sent in the HTML format appear garbled and unreadable in a plain text receptor email program.

1. Compose your emails in the note pad program on your computer. This program uses only ASCII characters which plain text is made up of.

2.Your email needs to be formatted to no more than 65 characters per line. Plain text scrambles all characters greater than 65 making messages unreadable.

3. Do not use all capitals for long blocks of text. It is difficult to read. Using a single word for emphasis is alright occasionally...not in every sentence. All capital letters are considered shouting in the printed word.

4.Never use more than one exclamation point (!) at the end of a sentence. The use of multiple exclamation points (!!!!!) at the end of sentences Cheapens the statement rather than creating more emphasis as intended.

5 Never word-wrap links. Plain text email programs do not deliver word-wrapped links as clickable text.

Friday, April 27, 2012

3 Ways to Sell to Your List

There is an old saying that I dont particularly like but one that is applicable here, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.”

(NO cat thinks is amusing.) The idea is, however, that there is always more than one way to do anything and still produce the desired outcome.

Email marketing is one of those things that can be done more that one way and email marketing lists can be used in different ways to achieve the desired results (selling products and services).

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1.Prepare your list for an upcoming product launch or event. You can create some anticipation about an upcoming product launch or a teleseminar or webinar that will be happening in the future.

This is known as a “pre-sell or up-sell”. Start by telling your list about the product and begin to tout its advantages.

For example: at the very bottom of an email marketing message you might put one bold bullet point about the upcoming product or service.

Your email message will still only cover one product or service, as it should, but you can start getting your list prepared for the new product or the new service or an upcoming event.

2.The actual email marketing message for each and every product, service or event that you send should be short, concise, clear and easy to read and act upon. These are the messages that you regularly send to your list.

3.Use your email marketing newsletters to educate your readers about products and services that you provide.

The better informed your customers and potential customers are, the more likely they are to buy or continue to buy from you.

Information is a commodity that you can provide for free but that will provide you will more future income.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What Kind of Content Tends to Go Viral?

If you're trying to get your content to "spark" and go viral, it really helps to have a strong understanding of what kind of content tends to go viral. Of course, nobody can predict what will go viral, nor can they make something go viral 100% of the time. But by understanding what kind of content tends to go viral, you stand a much better chance of creating something viral yourself.

Here are a few of the main attributes of things that tend to go viral.

==> It's Human

It's rare that a factual, statistical or economical video goes viral. Instead, it's usually the most human videos that go viral.

The singing homeless man on the street. The baby laughing at something senseless. An incredible display of guitar prowess.

==> Strong Emotional Content

The more emotions you can arouse in your audience, the better.

Let's take one of the world's most viewed videos, the "Charlie Bit my Finger" video. The video features a baby whose brother bit his finger; he sits there laughing and complaining at the same time.

This video has an astounding 367 million views at the time of this writing. That's more than the population of the United States!

One of the main reasons this video took off so strongly is because of how palpable the emotions were in the video. The watcher can almost "follow along" with the baby's emotions and also experience the joy of playing with your baby brother.

==> Videos That Provide Unique Information

Another type of content that does really well are videos that are informational. The key here is that the videos really have to provide content that can't be found anywhere else.

For example, one video that went viral featured a science professor showing how to light a candle without ever touching the wick.

A content video that went viral during the 2008 election was a video of a dozen famous actors all asking people to vote.

Informational videos work in many different industries, but the most important thing is that there's something truly unique to them.

==> Content That Appeals to Specific Groups of People

Content that tends to appeal to specific groups of people tends to do very well if they have strong emotional or informational content.

For example, political videos that are either informational or emotional can go viral just by being passed among a party's members.

New food laws, something which may be seen as boring, could be very interesting to vegans if it affects the foods they'll be able to purchase. A video about the new laws could really take off among that specific community.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Using StumbleUpon for Instant Viral Traffic

StumbleUpon is one of the most powerful websites you could utilize for getting viral traffic to your content. StumbleUpon can send tens of thousands of visitors to your site in a few hours, but it can also become a consistent source of traffic over time.

Because of the nature of StumbleUpon, content which people like has a very good chance of being seen by even more people.

Here's how to use StumbleUpon for instant viral traffic.

==> Understanding the Mindset

Before designing a campaign for StumbleUpon, it's crucial that you understand the mindset of Stumblers.

StumbleUpon is a lot like flicking through different channels on a TV, except it's on the internet and people are flicking through different websites.

StumbleUpon will serve up unique pages and websites to people. If they like it, they can "Thumbs Up" the content, if they don't they can "Thumbs Down" the content. At any time they can click "Stumble" and see a different site.

It's very easy for someone who's bored to "Stumble" away from your site. Likewise, if you get a lot of Stumblers to thumbs up your content, you can quickly get a flood of Stumblers coming in.

==> The Most Important Thing for Targeting Stumblers

The most important thing to keep in mind when you're targeting StumbleUpon users is that they're in a very "quick entertainment" mindset.

You need to catch their attention, and you need to do it immediately. In other words, the above the fold area of your website needs to have some sort of shocking or captivating headline or graphic.

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People should feel immediately drawn in upon seeing your site. Remember, if you don't catch their attention, they'll be gone before you can say "Stumble."

==> Keeping Their Attention

Throughout your page should be very interesting, emotionally engaging pieces of content. It doesn't matter if it gets them to laugh, to be outraged or to be shocked - it just has to be emotionally engaging.

You'll also want to tone down the ads on the page which Stumblers land on. Pages with a lot of ads tend to get downvoted, while pages with fewer ads and more engaging content tends to get upvoted.

==> Getting Your Content on StumbleUpon

So how do you actually get your content on to StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon frowns on people submitting their own content. You can, but if you do it too often you'll get your account disabled.

The best way to do it is to first spend a week or so using StumbleUpon yourself. That way you build up some usage history so it doesn't look like you're just there to promote; and you also get some experience with the StumbleUpon's system.

Then, pick one of the best pages on your website and submit it to StumbleUpon. Ideally, you should get enough of a following from StumbleUpon that others will submit your content from then on.

If your content isn't getting enough uptake, submit another piece of your own content a few weeks later. But make sure you're also submitting other things and that there's an interval between your submissions of your own content.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Turning Viral Traffic into Cash

Making money from viral traffic is a bit different than making money from any other kind of traffic. People who land on your website generally come there for a specific piece of content, because a friend of theirs shared it. They often don't know who you are or what your site is about.

As a result, most people find that the bounce rate on viral traffic is much higher and their conversion rates much lower. That said, there are still many ways to make money from viral traffic.

==> Get People on a List

It's quite hard to get viral traffic to convert on a sale right away. Instead, a much more effective tactic is to get them on an email list and continually send them content they're interested in with an occasional marketing message.

If your opt-in rates are significantly lower than your home screen opt-in rates, don't be surprised. It's just the nature of the traffic.

==> Get Them on an RSS Feed

If you have a blog that's regularly putting out the same kind of content that got people to your site in the first place, they'll likely be interested in getting more content from you in the future.

Make your RSS feed big on your site and prominently promote your RSS feed. Once you have someone on your RSS feed, you'll be able to get them coming back again and again and build a relationship with them. Over time, the likelihood of them buying something from you goes up significantly.

==> Advertising

If you have a consistently high volume of traffic that you're not earning much money from with your own products and/or services, look into advertising.

Advertising is tough to make money with unless you have a lot of traffic. But if you already have the traffic, it can be an easy monetization method.

Start with self-serve platforms like Google AdSense, then move on to direct advertising deals when it makes sense.

If you're getting a lot of viral traffic in YouTube, you may have a shot at getting into YouTube's partner program. You'll need to be regularly producing videos that get over 100,000 views to qualify, but the money can be quite decent. It's basically a revenue split arrangement with YouTube.

==> Get Paid for Leads

If you can't convert viral traffic into actual sales, one great way to monetize instead might be to get them to fill out leads.

Cost Per Action (CPA) companies are often willing to pay anywhere from $2 to $12 just for leads filled out in specific industries.

Let's say you're in the habit of producing videos about tricking out your car that tend to go viral. You can easily find insurance companies who'll pay you $2 per email that they get when you send people to their site. They never have to take out their credit card and you'll still get paid decent money.

These are some of the best ways to monetize viral traffic. As a rule of thumb, you want to move away from trying to make a first-time sale and instead use lower commitment methods of monetization.

Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Create a Viral Infographics

Infographics are a stellar way to package interesting facts and information about a specific topic in a way that's fun to read. In plain text, people probably wouldn't actually take the time to read about a lot of facts. But in a fun infographic format, it can really go viral.

Here's how to create viral infographics.

==> Researching Interesting Facts

Start with a topic you want to write about. Infographics can encompass just about any topic, from the frivolous (e.g. little known facts about beer) to the very serious (e.g. why did the housing bubble crash?)

Use Google, Wikipedia and your local library to find as many little-known facts about the topic as possible.

If you want, you can also try to piece all the facts together to form a story. Or, you can just put the facts together and have primarily a factual infographic.

==> Constructing the Infographic

Adobe Illustrator is likely the most popular application for constructing infographics. Illustrator is built for creating things like infographics which are basically lines.

Though you can use applications like Photoshop or GIMP to construct your infographic, you're looking at a lot more work. That's because these programs were built to handle pictures rather than lines.

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In technical terms, Illustrator is vector based (lines), while Photoshop is raster based (pixels). Creating an infographic is primarily lines and text, which is much faster in Illustrator.

==> Adding Graphics

One of the things that makes infographics really fun to read is the graphics.

Use things like pie charts, photos of what you're talking about and even hand illustrations if you have the artistic ability to really spice things up.

==> Adding a Dose of Personality

While strictly informational infographics can go viral if you've really got some shocking facts, your chances of getting your infographic to spread go up exponentially if you just add a bit of personality

. Add some humor. Make fun of something in your infographic. Do something out of the ordinary, or use funny or shocking pictures.

Add some personality. Add emotion to the infographic.

==> Getting Distribution

Infographics tend to spread very well on sites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Post your infographic on these sites and hang around to respond to any comments.

Post your infographic to your list and/or blog. If you're not already running a blog and you intend to keep producing infographics, you should probably look into creating one so your audience can follow your work.

Keep in mind that not every infographic will spread. But if you create five great infographics, chances are one or two will spread like wildfire. When one of these takes off on the social networks, the traffic surge can be positively massive.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10 Thought Leaders Share Their Interest in Piinterest {VIDEO}

10 thought leaders share their opinions on the surge in popularity of Pinterest and where they think it is heading. I like Pinterest because I get to share lots of my photos. I'm not really marketing anything, just sharing things of 'people' interest. I think Pinterest allows the regular people to post the things they like and share it with others who have similar interests. Now, I don't know how marketers look at Pinterest, but for me, it's just like a virtual community board where you 'pin' the things you like the most and let others see it. Here is a video that looks at another perspective of Pinterest. From a marketers point of view and whether Pinterest has any marketable monetary value and how to get to that value. Take a look.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Get More Likes, Follows, Stumbles or Subscribes

Getting more likes, follows, stumbles or subscribes at the end of the day means you'll get more traffic to your website and more money in your bank account. It also means you'll have more long-term reach to launch viral campaigns from and promote new products.

So how do you get more likes, follows, stumbles or subscribes?

==> Make It Prominent on Your Website

By default, Facebook has a very small "Like" button. The same is true for the default "retweet" buttons. In fact, each social network generally doesn't have buttons that are very well optimized for conversions.

Did you know that you can actually create much bigger buttons? Depending on the service, you might need to use a program or just get someone to do a tiny bit of code for you ($5 to $10 outsourced), but you can really make your "Like" or "retweet" buttons look any way you want.

The same is true for subscribes. Make sure it's large and prominent on your website. Don't just put your opt-in box in the upper right corner of your website and hope someone opts in.

==> Use Social Proof

Another powerful element you can use to get more likes, stumbles, follows or subscriptions is to post how many other people have already done the same.

Are you more likely to "Like" something if nobody's liked it, or if a hundred of your friends already have?

There are many ways to take advantage of this principle. For example, for StumbleUpon, you can display the number of stumbles you've already gotten on your website. For RSS subscriptions, you can display the number of existing subscribers.

"Grab This Amazing, Full Blown PLR Package In the Ultra Profitable Twitter Traffic Niche!" ==> Ask for It in Your Content

One overlooked technique is to simply ask. Want more follows on your Twitter? Ask! The call to action is so intuitive that some people leave it out. Yet the simple act of asking for it can make a big difference.

An even more effective way to ask for actions is to give some sort of incentive for it. For example, tell people to "Like" your page, then post on your wall if they want to enter a contest. Since there's such a strong incentive, they're much more likely to do so than if it were free.

==> Give People Options

Some people will prefer to "Like" you on Facebook. Others prefer to follow you on Twitter. Others prefer subscribing by RSS or by email. Still others want to "Thumbs Up" you on StumbleUpon and so on.

Give people the option of interacting with your website in whatever way they like. If you only have the "Like" option, you'll miss out on all the RSS users. The opposite is also true.

If you use social proof, make your buttons prominent, ask for the action in your content and give people options, you'll have a very high visitor-to-action ratio at the end of the day.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little Known Way of Getting Cheap Content Writers!

There are millions of people on the face of this earth who have an inadequate control over the language of power, English. They fall tongue-tied when it comes to fashioning their message into a presentable format. It's not that they are not creative enough but maybe they are unable to fully realize their verbal potential. But that doesn't mean that this infirmity would cause a cessation of their work or a drop in the quality of their work. To help them out, the Third World countries or more mildly put the developing nations have thrown a new crop of professionals, people who flourish in the art of content writing. Several people have a misconception or let's say conflict regarding the job description of content developer and content writer. A content writer strictly researches the content of the article and then arranges it into a more reader-friendly format. It is necessary to get the message across to the reader. A content writer has to consciously avoid the usage of jargon or else he will baffle the reader out of recognition. It is recommended that he mostly uses direct speech and has the capability to lend a fresh outlook to otherwise mundane topics. I love PLR, it's great for your autoresponder series and email marketing. Here is some from my good buddies over at the Warrior Forum!

When hunting for content writers, always have some expectations from your employee. He or she must be above average; you should sample his proficiency over the English language by reading some of the work he has done in the past. Read the materials that he has put up in his profile. Find out whether he is a niche writer or not, or if he has the capability of handling a diverse range of topics, etc. If you are employing him as a ghost writer for your marketing brochures or your autobiography it is wise to know about his flexibility with such matters - whether he would demand credits for such work or be satisfied with just a fat pay check. Always determine your budget before you take almost any significant step in life (even love, it seems, is a major financial proposition!). Don't start hunting for content writers without having a fixed budget in mind. Once you find the writers of your choice, discuss the most viable payment options; some content writers would demand a down payment on submission of each piece of writing, while some others take an advance and ask for the rest of it on completion of the work. Still others may be comfortable with the thought of getting money on a monthly basis. Not all content writers have a bank account and even if they do, some banks don't have e-transaction facilities. Under such circumstances, you would have to send their monthly paychecks through a courier service. In retrospect, the courier fees should be included in your budget while looking for budding content writers. Word of mouth advertisement is possibly the best way to spread the word about your search for content writers. Soon the resumes would pour in and you would have to pick and choose as to which content writer appeals to you the most. Always prefer seeing the samples of their original work before you trust their talent. There are some really good as well as some unskilled writers available out there. Like a skilled jeweler you would have to select the diamond from the pile of rubbish. Most content writing jobs come with a deadline. So, discuss the deadline issue with the writer before offering him the job. There are some really professional content writers hogging the limelight. Unfortunately, most them have work lined up on their schedule and very few are indulgent enough to rush projects. Those who do rush projects ask for additional payments, issues which need to be cleared up before the job is offered. Some writers are uncomfortable with a twenty-four hour deadline; they prefer a weekly sojourn into the heart of the matter before giving shape to the article.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The One Reason Why Your Are Not Making Enough money from Your Articles

For some people, the very word 'article' is pregnant with meaning. They know for certain that articles refer to electronic text, used on the Internet through web pages and email, to generate quality content for websites and ezines. There are many benefits of providing good quality content on your website. If you think about it, you'll find that the benefits of providing it to your customers are great too.

When you distribute articles, you add more incoming links to your website. You get noticed in the market. is the most frequently used article directory, so if you add your content there, you can't miss success.

If you want to read or submit articles, then is THE place to go. I have submitted several articles to that directory and experienced positive results.

This is a very good website for Google back links, but sitting back after submitting a single article won't get you many visitors. However, by generating a stream of 2 or 3 articles a week, especially if they are well written and novel, and submitting them to, you can channel traffic towards yourself. Your website's ranking will climb. Google is a powerful website. A back link from them boosts your search engine optimization.

Buzzle is a strong competitor for You should check it out and keep it high on your priority list. Writers who work for Buzzle also gain extra exposure when they are featured on the directory.

Articles for the web are ideally written in small paragraphs of three to four lines each. These give higher CTR than articles written in longer paragraphs of 6 to 8 lines. Smaller paragraphs tend to hold the attention of the reader for a longer time, and therefore attract more traffic.

Why EzineArticles isn't making the most of your article marketing

A small problem crops up when you decide that submitting to Ezine marks the end of your job. There is plenty more for you to do. Most online business owners do none of this. But if you follow the tips below I am sure you will do much better than the other article marketers.

1. Use the content on your own website and modify them to suit your purpose. You can repurpose them for email, reports, audio recordings and even videos.

2. The content can also be used as a base for your upcoming press release. You have already put in the required effort; all you have to do now is broaden the distribution of your article.

3. More importantly, look for websites related to your niche. These are sites which have regular visitors whose profiles match with that of your prospective clients. Contact publishers of successful websites and newsletters and offer your skills first hand. Do not suffer from the illusion that they will eventually find your work on or Buzzle. Build up a direct relationship with these publishers and send them the content they are looking for!

Email Search Crawler Automatically search web sites for emails. Simply provide a starting web site or starting keywords and let Email Search Crawler do the rest. Email Search Crawler will crawl the web site and collect all email addresses it finds.Specify the web sites you want to visit to allow Email Search Crawler to stay on top of your goal or block web sites you don't want it to visit. Merge email addresses from multiple source files, removing duplicates. Export email addresses gathered using the most suitable delimiter.You can start a search from any user specific Web address URL too. It does not depend upon any additional software the way that many email extractors depend on Internet Explorer.It can crawl Web pages and move from one page to another according to the links within it.All Email addresses are kept in a database and can be extracted to a text file.Low memory use means you can let the spider run while minimized and not interfere with your other applications.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is It Really Possible to Create a High Traffic Blog?

The blogging bug bit mankind a couple of years ago and since then, it has spread like a virus. Blogging as a hobby appeals to people of all generations; everyone, from the age of eight to eighty, seem to be interested in the concept. The reason behind this is that the topics of the blogs are of such diverse nature that it has an inborn element of appeal attached to it.

Nowadays, people blog on just about anything, from their experience of a one-night stand to their latest culinary endeavors.

And needless stay, most blogs have a dedicated readership base, a fact that is reflected by the huge amount of online traffic each blog enjoys everyday. This unconventional ability to attract readers without putting in too much of an extra effort soon caught the attention of the corporate houses. Once the clever bourgeoisie got wind of this fact, they immediately tapped this sector to advertise themselves. In return they set up a source of income for the bloggers. Truly something quite unheard of!

Why does a blog attract so many netizens? The reason lies in the fact that most blogs are like one's personal diary made public, where every common man reflects on his day-to-day experiences. In the midst of these discussions, there comes forth issues of social relevance, and soon concerned readers pour in to share their views. So it's quite evident that the social networking facility of a blog is the secret behind its being such a brilliant net traffic inducer.

The very concept of blog may not be directly a social networking scheme; in fact the very idea of having a common public forum for discussing things appealing to similar tastes was already present in websites and chat rooms.

Orkut and Facebook came after blogging had already won the faith of almost all netizens. But the revolutionary thing about blogs was that it afforded people to elaborate their views or display their literary skill or any other such fondness and in turn make new friends with people of similar or different passions.

When corporate houses understood the marketing potential of blogs, they immediately set up sites Lifehacker and Kotaku, each of which has its own set of dedicated content writers, who have to ability to amalgamate their creative juices with their bookish (or shall should I say wikish) knowledge and churn out new articles at the flash of a lightning.

Hence, interested readers would log onto that page every half an hour or so to check out what's new. And the fun doesn't stop there. Most readers, after reading these blogs, comment on them as well. Nine out of ten times a healthy conversation ensues which leads to an elaborate process of quoting numerous bloggers and thereby getting to know other people who might thinking about these matters.

Your 1:1 Traffic Exchange
Social networking inevitably leads to linking of various blogs together. Once the process of linking starts, the blog sites become virtually a more powerful search engine than Google or Yahoo, since quite effortlessly and without any net traffic hassles, the concerned reader would get to know a lot about the issue.

These opinions are again open to debate; some are a bit biased while others are extremely lame in their logical structure. But since they reflect the various human perspectives of a single issue, blogging ensures that a person develops the ability to appreciate various angles of a single matter.

By being informal in their structure, blogs do cater to a large and dedicated reader base, one that keeps expanding with time.

If you want to go this route, make sure you write your content in such a way that it encourages healthy conversation between bloggers. Soon enough, you'll notice marketing managers hankering after you to attach a small tagline of their product to your blog. In that process you end up earning quite a bit, if and only if you have the flair to weave magic out of words. Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

9 Little Known Search Engine Traffic Tips You May Not Be Aware Of!

The internet is an ever expanding space where more and more websites are coming into business everyday. Apart from this, it is also getting more and more difficult for a new website to gain a good position in the top search engines. However, you can get the best out of the search engines through search engine optimization.

Given below are a few tips which will help you get the best of search engines. 1. Page optimization: The first thing that you need to take care of in order to get good results on the search engine pages is great content. If your website has the best kind of content, it is sure to receive great results. Do not put up mediocre content on your website because it will do no good for your business.

2. If you want your website to be a successful one, you need to go for an easy, clear navigation system. If your website is a large one, try to separate it into several sections so that a visitor is able to navigate through it properly. Proper arrangement is very important if you want to retain good rankings in search engines.

3. Thorough keyword research is very important for good rankings. Maintain a decent keyword density in your content in order to receive top rankings.

4. Once you get to know the keywords which have the greatest demand, use them in the titles of your articles and the headings in order to receive huge search engine traffic. Use the keywords cleverly and do not overcrowd your content with the most popular keywords because it would often backfire on you!

5. Establish relevant links to your pages. Link only to sites whose content is relevant to yours, so that a visitor gets to a page which is related to your website or topic.

6. Although much importance is not given to it, off page optimization is also equally important for search engine optimization. The first thing that you need to worry about is the links. Link only to websites which are relevant to your page. Also, link only to websites which have a good quality. Linking to relevant and good websites will increase your demand and credibility, which, in turn, will fetch you better search engine results.

7. Submitting to directories is another important traffic tactic. There are certain directories which will accept your submissions for free but there are some others which will charge you a certain amount of listing fee. In case there you find a directory which wants a reciprocal link, avoid going for it unless you think that it will benefit your website greatly.

8. If you promote your website actively, you are sure to get good search engine results. You can drop in your articles to article banks. You can also giveaway articles to those who accept it in exchange of a linkback.

9. Social networking is also a great way of making your site better and achieving higher results in search engines. However, be sure to abide by the rules of the social networking sites in order to ensure that the website owners do not take any action against you.

There are many ways to monetize your site, here is a highly recommended method many of my cohorts over at Warrior Forum endorse....

8 Ways To Build Links Using Emails

8 Ways to Build Links using Emails | SEO Linkbuilding Tips Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz covers eight ways to build link using emails. Each of these linkbuilding tips is worth adding to your SEO arsenal.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fine Jewelry Online Shopping For That Special Day

The wedding season is upon us. Anxious brides to be are in the last phase of being single. Grooms have professed their love with diamond engagement rings, and some even got down on one knee. However the big day has yet to arrive, and it is then that true love is shown.

Weddings have always been a huge production for me as a photographer, because along with the bride, the groom and sometimes their families, we meet many times informally and formally deciding which photos will be taken. One of my favorite shots is the one where the wedding diamond rings are places on a silk pillow. This photo almost always ends up on the front cover of the photo book that gets presented to the newlyweds after the wedding. In my 20 years of shooting, I’ve seen all kinds of fine jewelry and not so fine jewelry, LOL!

However, one thing women love to cherish are their diamond engagement rings. These keepsakes represent a moment in time where love was all that mattered. As if the world stopped just for their special day. Many grooms have discovered fine jewelry for their brides-to-be at top online jewelry stores. According to eMarketer, “the number of online shoppers in the U.S. is expected to grow from 140 million in 2010 to 170 million in 2015.”

So, why not shop for diamond rings online? The savings can be awesome.

Allurez Jewelers surprised me with their products. Not only does the website look good (that’s one of my criteria, it has to catch my eye with product), but they also have a contest right now where you can win a designer diamond ring valued at $2000.00. When we shop online, merchants should be judged based on their return policy, the security in which our credit transaction is processed and of course free shipping. Allurez has all those things, offering secure shopping, easy returns and of course 100% satisfaction. There isn't a woman alive that will not be glued to that website page. The pictures of the rings and other fine jewelry are stunning. You can even design your own wedding ring!  Jewelry like this makes this photographer love her job even more.

Allurez Jewelers is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and even has a layaway plan. You can shop for fine jewelry, and even diamond engagement rings now. So, if you’re thinking of proposing, but not sure if you can afford to give her the diamond ring she deserves, placing a layaway order with Allurez is certainly an option.

So, for all you nervous brides-to-be and loving grooms, consider Allurez Jewelers as the place to make dreams come true. She’ll always look at her ring as a symbol of your love, make your wedding and diamond engagement rings special, Symbolize Your Love with Jewelry from Allurezat Allurez Jewelers.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Social Media List Building

When it comes to social media, there are a few important things to keep in

1. You’re dealing with people—not bots. Keep this in mind when creating profiles on social media sites and interacting with prospects. The better you’re able to minimize intrusive sales pitches and instead focus on creating enjoyable content and engaging in mutually beneficial interactions, the better you’ll be able to attract list members.

37 of the hottest list building secrets
2. Create very, very large friends lists. The more people who can follow your feed or check your profile, the better. Additionally, as you ad more people, you gain the possibility of more people mentioning your business to members of their own networks.

3. Avoid violating ToS agreements and ruining your reputation. This goes back to point #1. If you violate a ToS agreement or ruin your reputation, someone may report you and your account could get banned. This means you’ll completely lose your investment and will need to start over elsewhere.

Overall, these social media outlets provide another means by which you may expose your list to wide variety of potential subscribers. Use them in conjunction with the suggestions I’ve made and you should experience success over time.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cultivating Leads Using Inbound & Outbound Marketing {INFOGRAPHIC}

Sometimes we marketers miss the message our prospects are trying to tell us. Our focus tends to be, get the lead, then convert the lead. However, things have changed. Prospects demand more because they know they have other options. As marketers we need to redirect and reevaluate our approach as our audience now has alternatives to their attention.

Yet, a combination of inbound and outbound marketing serves as a full serviced promotional approach to maintaining and sustaining future income efforts. Clearly, an approach as this will help increase social shares, listbuilding growth and potential increase revenue. Take a look at the infographic on combining inbound and outbound marketing. Notice how your marketing efforts weighs heavily on relationship building and cultivation. Reach out to your customers!

The Inbound Marketing Multiplier Infographic by Marketo