Sunday, January 3, 2016

How To Target Your Customers

Reality check time.

I was doing some reading last night and came across a couple of well thought out concepts that I felt could help generate more traffic to my website.

These two things were interesting enough to cause me to take notes, and rethink parts of my ad campaign. I can report though, that just by coming up with these two things, my marketing is more focused and targeted.

My Most Wanted Response (MWR) as well as my Unique Selling Position (USP). These were two components I needed to incorporate in my marketing program ASAP! Inserting them was going to breathe life into my campaign and distinguish me from my competitors.
An MWR was explained as being the thing you want your ad, your website to ultimately do. Whether that MWR be a sale, a signup or a telephone call, you should structure your marketing efforts toward obtaining your MWR.
Your USP is the thing that separates you from your competition. Having a solid USP will bring you higher conversion rates as well as loyal customers.
Your USP could be the fact that you are the only one providing website reviews; with your information customers can now make an intelligent decision on whether to do business with that online merchant.
The next time you look at a website, see if it incorporates an MWR and a USP. The way you can tell if you are getting traffic to your site.
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Why Your Email Marketing is Failing


Some 34.8% of consumers said the main reason they unsubscribe from marketing emails is because they receive emails too often, and 20.8% said they unsubscribe because they find the content irrelevant or not useful. About 16% said they had never signed up for the email list, and 13.7% unsubscribe because they don't trust the source for the email. [SOURCE: Email Marketing Daily]

I found this guide from Aweber (email marketing client/platform) that may help your business reap the benefits from successful email marketing. I know I'm learning to get better at it because email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%! It's invaluable that I learn this, and you might want to consider it too.