Sunday, September 4, 2011

How To Provide The Ultimate Social Media Experience

The social media customer experience is equivalent to the types of customer reviews your brand gets.  What I mean is, the behavior of your followers on Twitter, your friends and fans on Facebook, will indicate what they think of your company or product.  The question you should be asking is, 'do my customers really get me?'

In case you haven't noticed, consumers are now in control of the marketplace.  They choose which brand relationships to engage in.  New social networking technology allows consumers to voice their preferences to you, the business owner.  They tell you what they want, and how they want it.  If you are a savvy marketer, you can capitalize on social media opportunities by listening to what your customers are saying and doing.

If you want to get in front of the social networking trend, stop focusing on selling and focus on the conversations that are occurring about your product.  Develop relationships that will promote trust, and loyalty.  One way to do that is to tie your social media marketing with email marketing.

Email marketing when combined with social media marketing creates a well rounded marketing attack.  When you use email marketing with blogging, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, your email responsiveness will increase astronomically.  The industry average email open rates are 23% according to the 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Survey (Marketing Sherpa).  Just include your social media links at the end of the your email so people can connect with you.

People want to get to know you better, allow them that opportunity.  Tomorrow I will offer 5 tips on how to integrate email marketing with the ultimate social media experience.  Chat later.