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With so much being debated in the mainstream media, coffee shops, hair salons and wherever you go about gun control and the right to own a gun, it makes me wary to even post this INFOGRAPHIC. Warning: This graphic is not for or against gun control. I am simply providing a graphic as a resource. No opinions are expressed by the author, only those opinions that make it into the comment jar below LOL. Make your own decisions, you have been warned!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Where Are PayDay Loans Banned? [INFOGRAPHIC]

PayDay loans are good and bad. Good because when paid back in full on time, they can help you meet financial needs when you come up short. However, when you borrow a PayDay loan, make sure you can pay it off in full when it is due, if not, you may end up paying up to 300% interest rates on the loans. Ouch! Sounds like a loan shark. Well, because of that high interest rate, some states have banned PayDay loans altogether. This INFOGRAPHIC shows which states have said no to PayDay loans. See if your state is on the graphic.

Payday Loan Regulations

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash is so Foamy!

I was pleasantly surprised when my free bottle of Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash arrived. First off, it was my favorite scent, lavender, then the fact that it was foamy upon dispensing, as opposed to liquid, was a nice twist on an old idea. Lysol products are trusted in my household because as a child, my mother only used Lysol products, especially Lysol Concentrate Disinfectant. So naturally, I was a little apprehensive when Bzz Agent told me that Lysol had a hand wash product available. I like this product and will definitely use it in the future. If you'd like to try it, Lysol was kind enough to send me a small booklet of coupons. Leave a comment if you'd like to try it out, I'll send you a coupon!

Top Twitter Success Advice: Tweet In Your Own Voice!

If you want to be Retweeted, shared and have lots of followers on Twitter, Tweet in your own voice! Talk to people on the other side of your computer screen as if they're sitting right in front of you. Keep it real, keep it individually you. That's the key to success on Twitter--plain and simple. Sure you can look at algorithms and mathematical equations, but at the end of the day, just keep it real. Just act normal. Some of y'all act like you're in front of a camera posing, being something you're not. If you're a slouch in real life, then that's just who you are, sorry. When I used to take pictures in the clubs, people would come up to me and pay $10 for a 5x7 photo at the club. Then when they see their photo, they would be like, "I look like that?"

My initial response would be, "yes; you looked like that when you left home." Obviously, I don't do club pictures anymore, LOL. But, you get my point, just be you. That's all you have anyway, why are you trying to be something you're not? That's why Twitter is so hard to you, that's why you don't get many Retweets. Just be you, besides, who else are you going to be?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

History of Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

A Brief History of Social Media Marketing

Early 2000s to now

Social media sites like Friendster begin cropping up in the early part of the 21st century:

2002 – Friendster

2003 – Myspace

2003 – LinkedIn

2004 – Facebook

2006 – Twitter

2011 – Google+


Web 2.0 helps industry regain momentum, and companies start facilitating the buying and selling of advertising space on Web pages. 2008

Then-Sen. Barack Obama used Twitter and Facebook to differentiate his presidential campaign from that of his Republican opponent, John McCain. Obama’s Facebook page and Twitter feed were constantly being updated and interacting with followers, and the effort also extended to campaign donations. Here is the INFOGRAPHIC!

Alt text

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Sunday, April 7, 2013