Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How Do You Make It Rain When The Sun Always Shines?

You hear sales professionals talk about the mysterious 'rainmaker.' A 'rainmaker' in sales is a top performer, the one who makes all the sales all the time. For those of you that like to go to the strip clubs you are also familiar with the term 'make it rain,' because that's what is done when you toss money at a stripper who makes you happy. The common denominator in both these situations, is when it rains with money, people are happy. The sales professional is happy because he just made money, and the stripper is happy because she just made money. This is the only time in life when rain makes us happier than sun. In sales, when the sun is shining, pockets are empty, and you've hit a dry spot like out in the desert. No, sunshine is not a good thing for sales, because everybody wants to make it rain.

Let's break down the word rain and discuss why RAIN is a good thing!

R -- that stands for Rapport. That's right we are going to really break this down to the ridiculous! When you get in front of a prospect or have them on the telephone, the first thing you want to do is build rapport. Do this by having a conversation with the person. I don't think of them as a potential sale, but of a person that is looking for a solution to a problem yet to be discussed. Why else do you think they returned your phone call, or agreed to meet with you? They are curious how you can help them with something they've been trying to resolve but have been unsuccessful. Here is where you become a professional listener! (You're going to need it soon!)

A -- stands for Affliction. What keeps your prospect up at night? What bothers them? Are they worried about their mortgage? Wondering if they'll be able to afford college for their kids? You have to listen for those clues. Sometimes your prospect won't come out and say them, it's the words they don't say that a rainmaker hears and weaves those pain points into the conversation. Right here is a perfect opportunity to make it rain for you and your prospect! Here is where the prospect kind of goes off into a 'I wish I had' or 'that would be nice' state of mind. It's a real quick moment, so pay attention! The prospect wishes or 'aspires' to accomplish something. Grab that umbrella, it's about to rain!

I -- is for Impact. Now the rain is coming slowly but steadily. Here you want to make your prospect aware of the consequences and advantages of acting or not acting today. Basically, spell it out for them. If you leave without them taking advantage of your offer, your prospect will still have the same problem they had before you came in. However, if they take advantage of your offer today, right now, they are on their way to getting rid of that mortgage, stopping those bill collectors from calling, etc. Make it real to them by using their words they said to you at the 'Affliction and Aspiration' stage. Just repeat what they said they want to do, or what they want to happen but haven't been able to make happen. Help your prospect by guiding them into your 'Rain!'
N -- this is the New Reality of where the prospect is now. Here is where the rain comes! The prospect signs the contract, shakes your hand and looks forward to using the new solution to their problem(s). Right here is where it has been made real for the prospect. Realizing they need you more than they thought and the new reality of the situation is that their life will be better once they have your product in hand.
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