Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Successfully Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Pages

I’m not sure some business owners know how to grow their email marketing subscriber list using Facebook. Oh and yes, I’m sure you’ve seen how network marketers offer products that claim to do it for you if you are willing to pay a nominal fee and get others to buy the product you just spent your money on. I’m not knocking any of those products that proclaim to accomplish this for business owners. However, there are some things you should know before entering into any agreement to use any email marketing program that purports to grow your email subscriber base. Let’s look at the basics of email marketing.

Email marketing is by far one of the most lucrative and successful methods of making money online. Costs are low, and with so many different content automation products available, it is not time consuming. (It takes about an hour to build and design a contest or giveaway when you use a template.) Let’s face it, if you have an email mailing list of subscribers who have agreed to receive marketing messages from your company, then you are familiar with CAN-SPAM laws. Done properly, with compelling subject lines and copy, your business can obtain conversion rates as high as 40%. Using Facebook to grow your email marketing list will not increase your conversion rate that is pretty constant. However, Facebook email marketing will grow that list, adding more subscribers, while increasing brand awareness. The best way for your business to grow your email marketing list using Facebook is by integrating giveaways and contests in your promotional efforts.

To make it almost effortless, many email service providers offer templates that assist you in building and designing your contest or giveaway. Functioning like a one-box meal recipe, contest and giveaway templates need only images and copy. They even have social sharing options built in, so you don’t have to hunt for Facebook or Twitter icons and then create links for them. That’s done for you.

Your email marketing efforts on Facebook will really come to life and be successful if your audience is active and engaged in what your business posts. It also helps if you know your audience and what their needs are. Ask yourself, does my audience like my updates? Do they engage with posted content? If the answer is yes to both these questions, then Facebook giveaways and contests will increase your email marketing subscriber list.

The reason contests and giveaways work is because everyone likes freebies or likes winning things. It’s also a great way to say thank you to your customers and fans. Oh, and make sure you implement your contest or giveaway on a Facebook Business page and not your personal profile page (these should be separate anyway.)