Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mobile Marketing = Right Now Marketing

Mobile Marketing is growing, but you may be struggling trying to find the right advertising programs that will result in overwhelming sales. Here's a Tip from Teasa: if you're in the entertainment niche, mobile marketing equals right now marketing which equals sales!

In an Online Media Report, "Digital purchases, excluding apps, such as movies, TV shows, music and ebooks are the most common types of consumer transactions on smartphones, with nearly half (47%) of users buying these goods."

So, if you're a recording artist, or an author, think how your product would be marketed on a smartphone or tablet. I see people all the time reading books, magazines using their tablets and smartphones. Tablets for reading have become the new newspaper or magazine in the workplace, with many cubicle sitters enjoying their favorite pastime in electronic form.

If you are going to use mobile marketing, the first thing you must do is market your product offline, like at events, book signings, flea markets, meet and greet, etc. in order to generate interest in your product. Take pictures with your fan base, sign autographs, sign your CD's, sign your books. In return, collect data, get permission to send them emails, direct mail, text messages, become their Facebook or Twitter friend so you can market to them. Then take all that data and use a system like Trumpia which will send out these types of messages for you automatically.

Trumpia offers multi-channel marketing for social media, email, SMS, text messaging, voice and chat all in one platform. They also are offering a free trial that you can access RIGHT HERE.

Make sure with your mobile marketing you include a direct method for purchasing your book or music product. Keep it simple, easy to use and fun to look at and consumers will reward you with multiple repeat purchases.