Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mobile Marketing Tips You Can Use

The other day we talked about getting into mobile marketing the right way.  Mobile Marketing, QR Codes, etc. are going to revolutionize your marketing.  If you don't know that you should.  Right now you should be researching mobile marketing to make sure you do it right the first time, so you don't have to do it over a second time.

Some other ways to use mobile marketing is to make use of those wonderful QR Codes.  Whenever I see them, I find myself being curious so I just scan it to see what's under them!  As a marketer, you should satisfy your customers' curiosity by offering coupons (the most popular reason consumers scan a QR Code), contests, conduct surveys.  Anything that will engage your customer. 

Another tip is to use a "text to win" contest under your QR Code.  These mobile contests are very popular and quickly becoming the number one tool in mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is great and as I stated before should not be used as a tool for spam.  Doing that is the quickest way to get people to hate you and cause you to lose credibility.  Your reputation will be ruined, and your business will suffer.  As always, develop a relationship with your customers, offer value and benefits to your messages and they will share them with all their friends and family.  (there are a couple of tools in this post such as "Mobile Marketing for Dummies"  & the QR Code Barcode FAQ & Tutorial that will shed some insight into this hot new marketing tool. You should check them out if you're serious about grasping a complete understanding of mobile marketing.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thinking of Mobile Marketing?

Thinking of adding mobile marketing to your make money mix?  Before you get excited, make sure you have their permission to send them mobile text messages.  People don't like spam emails nor will they enjoy mobile messages they didn't solicit.  Once you get their opt-in you are on your way to building another type of relationship with your customers.

Here is a short list of ideas you can implement to get you going!

  1. When your customers sign up for products, make sure to get their cell phone numbers so you can offer them shipping detail updates and confirmations.  If you want to use mobile marketing as a network marketer, get their mobile number so you can inform them of webinars, seminars as well as local and national company networking events.
  2. Send them product status updates and alerts on new network marketing programs or sales products.  Occasionally you should send marketing driven (or sales messages) to your customers.  The one thing you don't want to be guilty of is overkill.
  3. Use QR Codes to lead them back to your website.  Create your QR Code and embed it with links to landing pages, product sales pages or even product information.  This drives brand management to a higher level.
As stated before, most importantly make sure you receive mobile opt-in!  Never, ever spam a customers' mobile number.  Treat this form of contact like gold, because mobile opt-in is the new marketing gold for businesses.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How I Make Money on Facebook

As of writing there are:

·          More than 750 million active users
·         50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
·         Average user has 130 friends
·         People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
 People on Facebook install 20 million applications every day but only a very small number of those applications were developed with the intent of earning revenue.

I have created a couple of Facebook apps that generate an income.  My most recent app is "Daily Inspiration."  It is a simple app that gives the user daily motivational and inspirational quotes that shows up as their status each day.  I make money when the user installs the app.  I've only been running it for about two weeks, and each day I watch as the amount of users increase.  I went from 78 users on the first day to 10,996 on this past Thursday.  It is slowly gaining popularity as I have only made $6.82 so far.  However, this app is going to go far.

This is just one way to monetize Facebook.  Do you know any others?  Let me know.

Stop Giving Your Traffic Away For Peanuts!

If you run any sort of content based website or blog, you are about to discover how you can instantly start making more money with it, without advertising!

Its already been proven that putting Viral Keywords relevant ads on your site can mean BIG bucks. And this fact has been made all the more obvious with the success of programs such as Google AdSense.

But how many visitors does it usually take before your site makes even $50 from Google ads? And how much do you think the advertiser makes off YOUR traffic? You can guarantee its a lot more than $50!

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One of the best ways of making more money with AdSense is by making your ads blend in with the rest of your content. Simply put, by making your ads NOT look like ads. However, doing this is against Google's terms and might even get your account banned. Besides, they've made this practically impossible by placing the words 'Ads by Google' on every one of they're ad units.

Now what if you had a way to automatically and seamlessly embed relevant affiliate links directly into your content, so they just look like regular links to other related articles on your website?

Do you think they would receive more clicks?

... you bet they would!!

Not only will these links get clicked more often, but every click can give you the opportunity to earn $100's... per click! Compare that with the measly few cents you earn on your AdSense ads. Now I'm not saying you should abandon AdSense altogether, its a great way to earn a passive income online. But with this brand new software, your potential affiliate income will instantly shoot through the roof!

Viral Keywords turns your content into an instant profit magnet by dynamically transforming keywords on your site into affiliate links for literally any affiliate program you choose to promote.

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The Power of Networking And Sharing

          I wish I could capture and bottle all my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube relationships.  I would only unleash them when I needed to get the word out for my latest blog post or my latest affiliate offer.  But, that would be selfish wouldn't it?  That's what I tried to do when I first started networking using social media.  I thought that the more friends and followers I had, the more impact I would have in the world of social media.  But, with experience, I've learned that the power of networking lies in sharing your friends, sharing your knowledge, and just enjoying good company of like-minded people.

                Networking is about meeting people and discovering if you have something in common.  I've recently learned the power of networking and sharing through the Facebook groups application.  Many people find the Facebook groups instant message and constant email notification features annoying.  The email feature as well as the instant message feature can be managed by going into your Facebook account and setting how you want to be notified.  However, I love the group feature because I get to talk to people in real time, they get to know me, who I am and vice versa.  That is the true power of networking, developing relationships.

                 When you write good content that people enjoy, they don't mind sharing it, and you don't have to ask them.  They share it because they see the value of the information you present.  It's important though when you network and share content that you don't become a pest.  You don't want people to give you the cold shoulder on the internet because it's lonely out there when no one online will talk to you!

                If you're not using StumbleUpon, you are missing out.  StatCounter just released a report indicating that StumbleUpon sends more traffic to websites than Facebook.  I've been using StumbleUpon for the last three years and one thing I have noticed about the traffic I get from the site is that: (1) the traffic is sticky, that is, people stay around longer to read your content thus reducing your bounce rate; (2) Google regards referred traffic from StumbleUpon as credible, so if you only shared your content on StumbleUpon you could benefit from quicker page rank increases like I have.

                I'm not knocking Facebook, I'm just suggesting that when you are looking for a dance partner, then you want one who has rhythm; and clearly StumbleUpon has the power to make your content go further than Facebook.  The power of networking and sharing is how many eyeballs will enjoy your content.  The more people who share your work, the better off you are.  There is power in social networking, make sure you utilize it appropriately.


  1.        Fill it with multimedia content of current events.  Only if you're Anderson Cooper from CNN!  Nevertheless, videos, photos will always grab the attention of your fans.  Give the people what they want!!
    2.       Leverage your brand.  Don't just duplicate your website; But dig out photos or videos of past events and share them with your audience.  People enjoy humor, and human interest stories.  Treat your fans to engaging, entertaining content daily.
    3.       Give them freebies, tell them about promotions, do anything to get more fans!  They love giveaways anyway, so give your fans what they want. Get together with a company that provides promotional items like coffee mugs, ink pens, t-shirts, anything you can think of and give them to your fans.  They'll love you for it!
    4.       Change it up!  Keep it fresh!  New content everyday will get you the most new fans.  If not every day, every other day.  Just dedicate two hours a day to keep your Facebook marketing up to date.  Fans will leave you in a hurry if you don't.
    5.       There is a hidden feature in the new Facebook Fan Page design: Featured People.  Located in the upper left hand corner of your page directly beneath your profile picture, you can add a Facebook Group here or create one or more lists to display here.  A great way to give 'shout-outs' to people you are connected to.
    6.       Create a crazy contest!  I just ordered a bunch of gift certificates to give away for an upcoming contest I'm sponsoring.  I'm just working on a crazy, cool contest to base it on.  Think about Easter, St. Patrick's Day, or even your birthday.  Have fun with it and your Fans will too!
    7.       Ask your fans what they want to see or read about.  Just post a question, asking, what is your favorite thing about this page?  They will tell you.  Be prepared for the responses though!
    8.       Don't forget the human dynamics in all this.  Remember there is someone sitting on the other side of that computer, they are real, so treat them like it.  Facebook is another marketing tool, but one that allows interactivity and real time engagement.
    9.       Learn from others.  Watch what the successful people are doing and mimic their behavior.  Facebook is a beast just like other social media marketing efforts, manage it or it will manage you (and you might not like the results!)
    10.   Court your fans like a man you want to get with (or a lady for the fellas!)  Recognize that there is a cycle to the relationship you are embarking on, and take it slow and go with the flow.  Don't rush it or they will run away.

    Want more social media success tips?  Join me on Facebook and learn what social networking is really about!