Saturday, September 7, 2013

How trusting others creates pain and disappointment

The decisions we have to make in life are hard sometimes. That’s what makes life so hard, the choices we must make in order to move on. Take for instance the breakdown of a friendship. No one wants to go through it because it causes mental pain, from unanswered questions. Like why did they betray me like this, why did they talk to me like that, etc. When we put our trust in other humans we are bound to experience disappointment. That’s just how it is. My mother once told me that no one will treat you as good as you will treat yourself. She didn’t lie. Because humans are creatures of habits we don’t want to dissolve a friendship, we want to give it another shot, another chance just on the off chance the other person has changed. But when we give it another chance, that’s when more stress, mental pain, and further disappointment comes in because that other person thinks you’re a sucker, or a fool. The other person has shown you who they are, and yet you are coming back for more. When you’re a righteous doing person, you want to give someone else another shot, to get it right, but when right is not in them, they won’t be able to treat you right and fooling with them is a waste of time. They’ve shown you, who they are, so believe it and let them be. Just a Saturday morning rambling as I meander through the canals of life.