Saturday, April 28, 2012

5 Email Marketing Formatting Tips

A marketing email message that is unreadable is completely useless. Nothing is going to be sold and an unreadable marketing message isnt going to cause one person to visit a website.

An unreadable marketing email is simply an exercise in futility and worth nothing...or maybe less than nothing if the recipient can find the unsubscribe option.

Autoresponders give specific formatting instructions for mail that will be sent out. The reason that this formatting information is provided is because all email programs are not created equally.

Some email programs deliver email in plain text only and even if the email program is capable of receiving email in an HTML format, recipients often have the option of choosing to receive email only in the plain text format.

Messages that are sent in the plain text format are readable in both plain text and HTML receptor email programs while those sent in the HTML format appear garbled and unreadable in a plain text receptor email program.

1. Compose your emails in the note pad program on your computer. This program uses only ASCII characters which plain text is made up of.

2.Your email needs to be formatted to no more than 65 characters per line. Plain text scrambles all characters greater than 65 making messages unreadable.

3. Do not use all capitals for long blocks of text. It is difficult to read. Using a single word for emphasis is alright occasionally...not in every sentence. All capital letters are considered shouting in the printed word.

4.Never use more than one exclamation point (!) at the end of a sentence. The use of multiple exclamation points (!!!!!) at the end of sentences Cheapens the statement rather than creating more emphasis as intended.

5 Never word-wrap links. Plain text email programs do not deliver word-wrapped links as clickable text.